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Some officials of the Ministry of Justice are annoyed by the silence on Mar-a-Lago search


Some officials of the Ministry of Justice believe that the Ministry should ensure public statement of an unprecedented search of former President Donald Trump home as well as club in Florida, and view which is still not changed silence from above.

Attorney General Merrick Garland severely limited the powers of the Justice Department. public statements about the investigations, in particular about the extended January 6 criminal probe and especially all that needs to be done with in former the president. On Monday, the FBI conducts a raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago. propertybound to criminal investigation into treatment of secret information was partly designed for avoid spectacle, according to people instructed on cause. The agents showed up around 10:00 AM ET. in civilian, not in early morning hours as well as wearing jackets with the FBI logo, which are usually seen during searches. Trump was in New York at the time.

Attorney General Merrick Garland

It became public when Trump issued public statement near the end of in hours-long search, depicting it as a “siege”.

Garland has repeatedly stated why he says so little about ongoing investigations, referring not only to general policy not comment but also as part of a strategy protect the investigation by preventing potential targets know what the department does. He also noted the importance of protection of rights of people not charged yet with crimes to avoid they are judged in in public sphere before the Department of Justice initiates a case.

However, some Justice and FBI officials domestically argued that silence was harmful to the department and the police. public Interest, in partly because Trump and his allies filled void.

On Wednesday, the agency avoided questions about Trump’s search by releasing a recorded video message. on main criminal case of accusing the Iranian military official with trying to kill John Bolton, Trump former national security advisor.

Video statement from Matt Olsen, Assistant Attorney general for National Security Service and Larisa Knapp, Executive Assistant director for FBI national security department, was unusual.

Such a high-profile case usually becomes the subject of advocate general press conference. But this week’s press conference is likely to be dominated by questions about Mar-a-Lago.

It’s not unusual for FBI and US Attorneys issue public statements on search warrants, at least confirming that the investigators out court-sanctioned searches when their presence is clearly visible to members of in public or caught on camera.

They recently did this after public noticed the FBI raid of in home of Texas Democratic Representative Henry Cuellar and after former Justice Department lawyer Jeffrey Clark went public complain about it home wanted.

In this case, the only comment came from an association of FBI agents that implicitly defended the behavior of agents, without referring to the search in Mar-a-Lago.

FBI Special Agents perform their investigative duties with integrity and professionalism, and remain concentrated on compliance with law and the constitution.” — Brian O’Hara, President of This is reported by the Association of FBI Agents. “As part of of As part of this process, all search warrants issued by special agents, issued by a federal district court or magistrates, must meet detailed and clear procedural rules are the product of cooperation and consultation with relevant department of Lawyers of Justice.

FBI Director Chris Wray in Omaha on On Wednesday, Trump was asked about the accusation that the agency could have planted the evidence. in search and threats against agents.

“I sure you understand that I can’t talk about it, so I would refer you to the department,” said Ray, who was appointed in 2018. of Trump.

“Concerning issue of threats, I will say that I always concerned about violence and threats of violence against law enforcement, he said. “Any threat made against law enforcement agencies, calling men as well as women of FBI like with any law enforcement agency are deplorable and dangerous.

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