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Sole found in Yellowstone Hot Spring Linked to July death

ELENA, mont. — Part of human leg found in shoes floats in hot spring in Yellowstone National Park is believed to have been connected earlier this week to death of a person last month, park officials said Friday.

July 31 death an investigation is underway, but officials are unaware of the play, said the park in statement. The statement did not provide details about how in death allegedly happened, identify the person who died or tell me why the officials do not suspect a foul play.

The shoes were retrieved from the Abyss pool in the park. on Tuesday after employee Found this, the park said.

News of this discovery prompted a Maryland man to contact the National Park Service and report that he and his family noticed a floating sole boot up, in hot spring on morning of 11th August.

Chris Quinn of Pasadena, Maryland said in interview he sent photo of shoes for the park service.

This was announced by the representative of the park Linda Veress. in an email that officials were unable to confirm was that shoe found was the same type of shoes in photo of Quinn.

Abyss, west of western finger area of Yellowstone Lake is 53 feet (16 meters) deep and has a temperature of about 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 Celsius), park officials said.

Park visitors are warned to stay on embankments and trails in thermal areas, where some of in pools and springs have a thin loose crust covering the scalding and sometimes acidic water.

At least 22 people they are known to have died from injuries related to the hot springs in and about 3,471 square miles (9,000 square kilometers) national park since 1890, park officials said.

Latest death happened in June 2016, when a man from Portland, Oregon, left boardwalk in The Norris Geyser pool in the park slipped on gravel and fell into a boiling, acidic spring. No significant person remains have been restored.

nation first national the park has drawn more over 4 million visitors annually in last years, with exception of 2020 when it was briefly closed due to the pandemic.

Historic flooding forced closure of the whole park for part of June. The northern and northeastern entrances to the park are still closed to the public. vehicles.


Pipert reported from Denver.

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