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SNP: Steven Flynn fires head whip senior MP Pete Wishart says he is “baffled” changes in resignation letter

The newly appointed leader of the SNP in Westminster, Stephen Flynn, was fired. party main whip like senior MP said he was “stunned” changes as disagreements come to the surface.

Owen Thompson has been replaced as party chief whip at Westminster in surprise first move Mr. Flynn when he repairs the group’s front bench in communities. Replacing Martin Docherty-Hughes MP for West Dunbartonshire instead received role.

move occurs when Mr. Flynn sent an email to the SNP MPs confirming that he is “new-Watch team” over coming days as he seeks to consolidate his power and initiate a tactical shift in Westminster.

The change was confirmed as Pete Wishart, SNP MP. for Perth and North Perthshire, announced his departure from the partyfront bench in a critical letter.

New SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn. Photo: Jessica Taylor/UK Parliament

Mr Wishart, who was first elected to Westminster in 2001, resigned from group as DEFRA representative.

In the letter, Mr. Wishart said: “We have never had the opportunity to discuss your plans for in a group when you collected opinions for leadership challenge at any point within a very short campaign for the leadership itself.

“I note that you hope to make positive changes in way in group is run and what are you wish reset the relationship with colleagues in The Government and the Scottish Parliament … I remain confused by the reasons why you felt it necessary to seek change in our leadership, especially when we see yesterday’s opinion poll, which shows support for independence at an almost all-time high and support for SNP in Westminster at an unprecedented 51%.

“It usually changes. of this value accompanies failure, while we only consider stable and growing success like movement and party. I sure that this is something that will become apparent to me during the course of your guide.

“I also Watch forward to study first-to hand over what you hope to do differently in daily management of in group”.

However, the MP for Perth and Perthshire said Flynn had “an opinion”.full support’, adding ‘I remain at your service if you do wish do use of my experience in Westminster group”.

In reply to the letter, Mr. Flynn thanked Mr. Wishart. for his “exemplary service” on SNP front bench.

He added: “As always, my door remains open and look forward work with you are like us support colleagues in Holyrood, hold the Tories to account and work secure independence.”

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