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SNP MSP has been criticized for wearing “sticky and tasteless” pro-independence white poppy

Scottish nationalist MSP under fire for the politicization of commemorations after she wore a pro-independence “peace” poppy in Holyrood.

Michelle Thomson, SNP representative, attended the hearing of Holyrood Finance Committee on Tuesday morning wearing white poppy, to which she attached a badge with the image official logo of Yes campaign in referendum in 2014.

The supporters of independence continued use logo since the Scots voted in service of left in United Kingdom, with Miss Thomson unfolds her custom-made poppy as Nicola Sturgeon continues her drive Keep second referendum next year.

Miss Thomson said she didn’t mean to cause an insult, and that she only affixed the “Yes” badge as an impromptu solution after she found herself without safety pin.

However, the veterans claimed that her decision to use an overtly political symbol was obnoxious and offensive.

“It’s an insult to veterans,” Bruce Wilson said. former Royal Marine captain and veterans’ representative for Scottish Liberal Democrats said. “Seems like ain’t nothing nationalists won’t spank a yes sticker on.

“In spite of of whether you decide to wear a white poppy or a red one, it’s a symbol of a solemn commemoration, not a propaganda stunt for your narrow-minded political cause”.

“There was no intention to offend”

White poppies handed out by a pacifist body, Union oath of peace. Organization says the white poppy represents the victims of all wars, not just members of British armed forces.

Some anti-war activists have argued that the red poppy has become associated with militarism and original the meaning is distorted.

representative for Ms Thomson claimed that she only pinned the political symbol to the symbol as her previous white poppy had disintegrated.

“Michelle wore a white poppy all over last week and its message of the world is what she strongly believes in in”, the spokesman said.

“Unfortunately, this poppy, being made of paper torn over the weekend. On the arrival in the committee she asked a colleague for another white poppy and got one – but without safety pin.

“She used her yes badge to pin it before getting another safety pin after committee. There were no resentments.

“Her white poppy promoting the message of peace, will be attached in the usual way in Scottish Parliament after meeting today”.

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