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Smriti Irani to Sonia Gandhi in Congress

New Delhi:

union minister Congress said that an Iranian smriti was harassing Sonia Gandhi and yelled at her pointing with her finger. on Thursday after an exchange between the two leaders set off political storm. Several versions are circulating about the dramatic exchange – most of them of Among them are BJP leaders who Sonia Gandhi allegedly rejected Ms. Irani when she tried to break into her conversation with Rama Devi of the BJP.

In a statement, Jeram Ramesh, Congressional Representative and party secretary general, said:in-Cost of Communications – Iranian smriti said he “acted inappropriately” with Sonia Gandhi used “pejorative terms”.

“Sonia Gandhi was talking to BJP MP, Rama Devi. Smriti Irani came to Sonia Gandhi and spoke offensive words in Very offensive tone. When Sonia Ji politely said to her, “I am not talking to you, I am talking to another deputy,” Smriti Irani yelled, “You are not know I, who I’. Representatives of This incident was witnessed by many other parties and representatives of Congress.” in Indian.

“what kind of This behavior? Can a deputy not even talk to his colleague in Parliament? Smriti Irani can make her point in Politician way. Why do you take such a harassing attitude with a senior deputy and party President? “Mr. Ramesh added.

Other congressional leaders present at the site alleged that Ms Irani pointed the finger at Ms Gandhi and said, “How dare you, don’t act like this is. it is not yours party office”.

exchange took place After a hot Lok Sabha session Where Irani accused Sonia Gandhi of punish her party Statement by MP Adir Ranjan Chaudhry “Rashtrapatni” on President Draupadi Mormo. She called it “anti-tribal, anti-Dalit, and anti-woman,” and demanded the head of Congress apologize.

distance session Postponed, Sonia Gandhi crossed floor I talked to Rama Devi Moshira out Sources said Adir Ranjan Chowdhury apologized and questioned her mistake. It was when an Iranian smriti reportedly tried to break into the conversation saying “Ma’am, may I help You are? I took Your name.” Sources said Sonia Gandhi then replied, “Don’t talk to me.”

Mahwa Moytra Trinamol, one of Representatives who He witnessed the exchange, tweeting that Ms. Gandhi was harassed “wolf style”.

“I was in lok sabha when 75-year-old lady senior The leader encircled and harassed the wolf pack style when all she did was that walk over He talks (disguised) to another senior Ms panel president. “I am disgusted reading the lies of the BJP and false version in Press, “Hey post read.

Mr Chaudhry has apologized for remarking ‘Rashtrapatni’, saying it was a ‘slip of tongue “because of language roadblock. He said he would meet Mrs. Mormo and apologize to the chief, “One hundred times” if she says She was hurt by noticing him.

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