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Smiling photo of Dua Zahra before leaving for Karachi goes viral

Image shows teen dua zahra together with police and security personnel. — Instagram/

Picture of Dua Zahra smiles before leaving for Karachi, does rounds on Internet.

Dua was made headlines across the country after she mysteriously disappeared from Karachi, but it was later revealed that she run away from her home marry Zahir Ahmed.

the day before, and Lahore court decides to move Dua back in Karachi, who will then be presented in front of judicial magistrate in in the city Western District.

“Not one should allow to meet Dua before she shows up in court,” the order said.

Image shows teenager standing next to with police and security personnel with smile on her face.

Several YouTubers have claimed that this photo was taken in Lahore before Dua left for Karachi.

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