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Smart highways are ‘experimenting’ failed as well as should stop, says Liz Truss

FROMIan Duncan Smith says it’s all in the end of day, about character.

“Yes, there are all politicians, Liz is right, I think I don’t understand the conservative government who sees high taxes as an advantage.

“The recession harms families, leaves them destitute and shatters their hopes and aspirations. Liz is right in saying that we should work to avoid recession at any cost. It’s about character of human want To choose. It’s about their strength, their determination, their clarity of purpose and, true loyalty to one’s own colleagues to his comrade colleagues in definition and driving policy forward… She is quite ready to accept on in challenges.

“When I look at Liz and talk to her, I get the feeling of real become in her spine. Somebody who as soon as she made her mind up ready to drive what forward and take on Labor, work. This steel reminds me of the person I’m used to know who was earlier prime minister.”

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