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SK keeps full certificate from the court on retirement of Judge Bakar

ISLAMABAD: BUT full Trial took place here on Monday in Supreme Court on the day before of retirement of Judge Makbool Baqir.

All judges were present of Supreme Court and a large number of lawyers.

In his farewell speech to full certificate from the court, Judge Bakar, who is an set to retire on Tuesday, said the exception of some judges from hearing sensitive cases on Account of their independent and impartial views negatively effect on impartiality of judges and added what practice It has also tarnished public attitude of Russia to independence of judicial branch.

“Another vital aspect, which, although related to the internal dynamics of the judiciary, has a very serious attitude on its independence, impartiality and honesty are issue of appointment of cases. United Nations Special Repertoire on independence of the judges called for fair and objective criterion for appointment of cases that would protect judges from undue interference”, added.

Referring to the memo, Attorney General Khalid Javed Khan said, “Judge Maqbool Bakar has had an excellent judicial career. behind. It would be unfair if Judge Bakar role no mention is made of PCO during the period,” the AGP said in a statement.

“The dictator did not know that he would be punished over violation of the constitution,” he said.

“Today, Article 6 is conveniently referred to as for use against political opponents,” he said.

“The 2007 episode will have to be saved. in intelligence for understanding of Article 6”, AGP added.

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