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Like the most of legitimate tea leaf readers predicted over in last four days, Supreme Court on On Tuesday evening, Hamza Shehbaz was ousted from the throne, proclaiming Chaudhry Parvez Elahi as chief minister and told President Arif Alvi to be sworn in within next 150 minutes of order if the governor causes any delay after which the PML-N feels “trapped and deceived” – in in all senses of in short, physically, politically and, most importantly, psychologically.

Immediate reaction to the brief order of the SC from party Supreme and former prime minister Nawaz Sharif was instructive. He tweeted: “Pakistan has become a circus. Salute to the three judges (of the Supreme Court).” His daughter and heiress Maryam called it a “court coup”. in her reaction. Both of these tweets party insiders explain, reflect the line of thinking in PML-N, which can now set well of them politics. “Expect change of policy direction as well as gear in days to come.”

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Tuesday decision not hit in party out of Blue; it rather ended a long series of events what “engendered and consolidated” the feeling of deception in the party explains party leader, who not want be called because party still in process of discussing it future well of action. In fact, no one of leaders Dawn contacted last night wanted to be named for same reason.

“Since PML-N took over in Islamabad in April, was not wanted and was not allowed to deal with Imran Khan and PTI as outgoing parties usually deal with in country – arrests, investigations, corruption cases and police chases and raids up party leaders,” the PML-N man said.

“Quicker, party soon felt the judiciary turn out to be new defender of Imran Khan since he started getting relief in cases of many years ago, which were registered even before his arrival in power and included costs like terrorism. He was allowed to protest and stage lengthy marches through the courts. protection, which turned into a huge promotion for his. He went to court on slightest of apology and instant relief is a model that is politically hit PML-N.

“All this happened when PML-N government proposed to negotiate with IMF, please countries for billions of dollars and take some suicidal economic decisions – all in title of saving the country from economic collapse and default. Now that the IMF deal has been struck, friendly nations have pledged money as well as hard economic decisions people started biting the carpet being pulled out from under the party’s feet, he explains, insisting: party has the right to feel cheated.”

This policy “trap” is not the only factor that makes PML-N review this is strategy; afraid that he might soon face physical challenge.

“Federal government will now plead with the two federal units – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab – administered by PTI. The center will literally on on your knees if Imran Khan announces a long march in in next month and runs unhindered on capital on both sides. What will happen to the federal government’s mandate, especially if the Rangers don’tavailable’ to protect the capital? In this case, what would happen to political capital of PML-N? For party, this is not a conspiracy theory, but a looming threat. What if the long march also has judicial protection as it were last time? His altruism of economic decisions did her a disservice, and any physical blockade of the capital will only drive notorious last nail in his political coffin,” explains another party insider.

” party always been critics of in policy of cooperation with institution, including people like Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz – supported by dozens of important leaders. Feeling of betrayal will now strengthen their hands and one May soon cm. party dust removal off his old story of ‘vote ko izzat do’ (respect for vote). SC throwing out PML-N government in Punjab May soon prove be a God-sent opportunity to renew the campaign party leader says.

One can soon see how Nawaz Sharif takes lead in attacking both the judiciary and the establishment, starting from where he left about 18 months ago with Maryam, always striving for this, follows him.

” party thought for some time to recover his narration, and the judicial act of tuesday can turn out be the starting point for party looking for for”, – commented the presenter. who was involved in in policy debate about the formation for in last few weeks.

Published in Dawn, July 27, 2022

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