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SITUATIONER: “N” in two minds on early polls, wants Nawaz back first – Newspaper

SERIOUS economic challenges growing pressure from recently ousted PTI government and disadvantage of harmony between the main coalition parties every day make it clear that homework is not done for in post- The political scenario of Imran Khan, which resulted in a ruling alliance led by PML-N in the difficult situation in which he found himself in today.

This is also evident from fact what prime minister and his core cabinet members rushed to London to seek advice from the PML-N “exiles”. elderNawaz Sharif to desperately find way out of swamp and is it worth it call early elections or not.

BUT key government ally, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) also released a strong warning against any unilateral decision about new elections, while party of Bhuttos believes coalition can go through crises without incurring any political damage to any party and go for elections after completing the remaining period during which they can perform out certain electoral and accountability reforms. PPP also not want let go of Sindh in any cost until August 2023 when next elections should be.

PML-N seems indecisive over in issue of elections like some of its core members are convinced that completing term of office of the National Assembly may cost This is more than what party counts today. Among those who expressed their opinion in service of early polls avoid bearing the brunt of economic and managerial mismanagement of Imran Khan government they are Maryam Nawaz, Ishak Dar, Ahsan Iqbal and Khawaja Asif.

These leaders reportedly believe that their party may lose popularity in days to come in commemoration of unpopular decisions ruling coalition must take because of precarious economic situation, and Imran Khan will take advantage of of This is. Choice for early elections, in their opinion, help PML-N get the most in National Assembly. But final decision resting with Nawaz Sharif.

The main allies – PML-N, PPS and JUI-F – turned out to be super excited when they pushed out former prime minister imran khan no-confidence move was decided. Among them, there was a consensus that Mr. Khan should be removed come what may, and the rest of the cases could be worked out out after.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and core members of The PML-N reportedly rushed to London as coalition struggling to make a new deal with IMF and after the not very positive reaction of Saudi Arabia and the UAE to overcome the economic crisis in country and get clear direction from the top party Human on how to move forward.

in chat a party leader involved in the Nawaz-Shehbaz meeting in told in the British capital Dawn the two leaders discussed several issues ranging from the economic crisis, budget for 2022-23, completing in government tenure or early election, return of Nawaz to Pakistan, processing of long march PTI on islamabad opportunity of arrest of Imran Khan and relationships with in military institution.

“A delegation of 10 people headed by Shehbaz was of strong opinion that if elder brother I decided call early elections, then he should return and lead the party campaign”, party said an insider and added that one of in participants of the assembly said to Nawaz: “You must be among us in Pakistan whenever you decide elections should be carried out.”

Recent PTI rallies caused serious unrest among the ranks of the PML-N and its main leaders have left This is Nawaz to provide counter strategy in consultation with allies. Imran Khan already announced long march on capital, date for which he will announce after May 20.

Another PML-N leader from Punjab said there was a lot of talk about government election preference after appointment of in new army commander, in November, but controversial in in current set-up of institution – with with whom PML-N has established its relationship – maybe help this given the sour relations of the establishment with PTI.

Both the PML-N leadership and the PPP leadership state that elections cannot be held without a selective and accountability reforms. But legitimate minds in PML-N that Don spoke to to say that “not more than two to four months required for such legislation, hence early elections possible if coalition government builds consensus over This is.

“The process of forming parliamentary committees on electoral reforms in both chambers – the Senate and the National Assembly – are under way and will be completed soon. Legislation will take two to three months after careful deliberation by committees,” a federal cabinet member told Dawn.

As for Return of Nawaz, he said: elder Sharif will have to surrender before the law on his return. Mr. Nawaz does not intend to seek any benefit from coalition government regarding the suspension of his sentence through any writ of execution. He will surrender before the law when he returns to the country.”

The cabinet minister also stated that the departments concerned collected evidence of corruption and embezzlement committed by Imran Khan government. “During the PTI government departments used to arrest opposition leaders first and start investigation later. The incumbent does not believe in victimization and will ensure transparent accountability”.

Published in Dawn, May 13, 2022

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