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Sir Alex Ferguson says he “never” saw Ryan Giggs become angry or aggressive | Great Britain news

Sir Alex Ferguson told the court that he had never seen Ryan Giggs lose his temper. in his former playercareer.

former Manchester United manager said that the player had a “fantastic temperament” and that the whole club treated Giggs “as one of the one”.

Testimony in Trial of Giggs on On Friday, Ferguson said he had “never” seen a footballer become angry or aggressive. in 24 years in which he controlled them.

Giggs, 48 on trial for using controlling and coercive behavior against his ex-girlfriend Kate Greville, 38, from August 2017 to November 2020, allegations he denies.

He also denies attacking Greville, inflicting actual bodily harm on her, and common to attack of her younger sister Emma Greville, aged 26, in his home in Worsley, Greater Manchester on November 1, 2020

Ferguson told Manchester Crown Court how Giggs signed a schoolboy uniform with in club before getting into first team aged of 17.

Ferguson said: “They [Manchester United] passed through bad period when I arrived club in 1986. We had big work to do. We saw Ryan one step to a better situation in attitude to young players. The fact is that the press began to compare him with George Best. We should face a lot of of Attention on boy.”

He continued: “When someone says that you next George Best is big issue. But the boy was great no problems”.

When asked about his experience of winger control over For the next two decades, Ferguson said: “When I lost my temper, I use Ryan for example. He will get a sharp end of my tongue, but I knew he could take it. Another players would sit up and think, “If Ryan can handle it, we can all handle it.”

“He was best I had an example in any club. Everyone looked at Ryan as a number one”, he told the jury.

Previously on On Friday, the court heard the content of “final goodbye” letter written by Kate Greville on October 29, 2020 – three days before the alleged attack. took place. The letter detailed former Manchester United player Alleged treason with at least eight women.

Giggs defense team read the letter that began: “I know almost everything you did with Another women behind my back since the day I met you.”

Greville described Giggs as “a compulsive liar and serial cheater”, telling him, “My intuition always told me you couldn’t be trusted.”

She wrote: “I now know you say the same thing to me, to several women. I’m nothing special just in one you didn’t give a happy life.”

The letter continued: “You will never lie to me or cheat on to me againand spoke of her intention to keep the puppy she and Giggs bought together, saying, “I think after everything you’ve put me through, I deserve to have something good from these relationships.

Giving evidence early in This week, Giggs admitted to “treasonable love” and told jurors he was unfaithful. in all his previous relationships, but never attacked a woman.

He said he could never resist “interest” from an “attractive woman”, agreed that he was “flirting with nature”, and confirmed that he lied more more than once to his ex-wife Stacey and Greville, a public relations specialist.

The trial continues.

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