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Sinn Féin echoes Labor in 1997 with soft-soft Stormont campaign | Northern Ireland

In 1997 general Roy Jenkins compared Tony Blair to a man carrying a Ming vase down a slippery road. floor on tiptoe, cautiously approaching Labor victory.

The same description fits Sinn Féin as it approaches elections for the Northern Ireland Assembly. on Thursday, cautiously approaching a potentially important win. prize should appear as region largest party and demand post of first minister – symbolic and psychological breakthrough for Irish nationalism, given Northern Ireland, was designed have a permanent trade union majority.

Sinn Féin’s reaction to this dizzying prospect was run overcautious, disciplined campaign which minimizes missteps, surprises or spontaneity – everything that can risk miss.

“I have never seen Sinn Féin be so careful here, they are really determined not to scare the horses,” said John Tong, a university staff member. of Liverpool politics professor and power on Northern Ireland. “Them last big The dispute was two years ago. They had one every two months. They accept it new levels so you don’t get upset anyone”.

party who once acted as a mouthpiece for IRA played down his push for united ireland and concentrated on in cost of life, health crisis and other bread and butter problems. On Easter, the leaders of the republican commemorations paid tribute to the victims and martyrs of the movement without naming the IRA.

Tactics one reason general election campaign So far it’s been quiet with few sparks or memorable moments. Experts called it “dull” and “boring”. Short-key atmosphere undermined attempts by some Unionists to portray it as an existential battle over Northern Ireland place in United Kingdom.

In televised debates on Sunday Evening, Michelle O’Neill, partyleader in Northern Ireland seemingly sticking to familiar lines designed assuage any concerns about her transformation first minister. “There was nothing terrible about what Michelle O’Neill had. performance and there was nothing memorable about it, ”wrote the Belfast Telegraph.

Michelle O’Neillsecond left) with Other party leaders and host Mark Mallett (right) at UTV’s campaign debate on Sunday. Photo: Press Eye/PA

For Sinn Féin it would be good result given that O’Neal was under pressure over revealing it party aspired to political activity with Saorad, Republican party allegedly associated with the New IRA. “No gang who involved in crime, armed action, should exist today,” she said.

O’Neill debate performance there was another example of The soft-soft approach of Sinn Féin, said Deirdre Heenan, social policy professor in university of Ulster. “They feel first minister post is within their reach. For them, the main thing is not to blunder, not to get confused in controversy”.

That’s why party gave to John Finucane, a prominent jurist and MP for North Belfast, prominent role in in campaignHeenan said. “I think it’s smart strategy. He is a middle class, eloquent professional with through-community background. he was placed out to attract unaligned voters.” Mary Lou McDonald, party Dublin leader and another capable media performer, is also was prominent.

Opinion polls show that Sinn Féin will become the largest party but it doesn’t get far of majority in a 90-seat Stormont assembly that will elected by proportional representation in 18 five-member constituencies. Latest poll put by Sinn Féin on 26%, Democratic Unionist party (DUP) on 20%, Centrist Alliance on 14% or less accounting for nationalist and trade union parties for most of rest.

Sinn Féin hopes for the future of O’Neill becomes first minister revitalize its foundation and it’s a neglect for The DUP will encourage the Alliance, the Social Democrats and the Labor Party. party (SDLP) voters to give transfers Sinn Féin candidates. avoiding traditional Irish republican tropes party also hopes to encourage some union members to abstain, or at least not to transfer votes to the DUP who was in convulsions over Brexit and Northern Ireland protocol.

If in general support levels are replicated in places, power-exchange rules would give O’Neill the right to be first minister and DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson, Deputy first ministermessages of equal power in head of supervisor drawn from all major parties.

Sinn Féin was in executive branch since the 1998 Good Friday Agreement and served as Deputy first minister post since 2007. In practical terms, moving forward of DUP and capture first minister post balance has not changed of power. And it’s not signal surge in support for united Ireland. Majority of voters are in favor of keeping in United Kingdom.

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But the symbolism will matter, Tonge said. “That would be great. The stakes are really high.” Sinn Féin won’t push for immediate frontier interrogation – not least because he will almost certainly lose – but use his victory will give momentum for referendum, further reinforced by the party’s growing influence in south, Tonge said.

Donaldson declined to say if he would serve in supervisor with O’Neill as first minister fueling expectations of weeks or months of post- electoral campaign new formed the executive branch.

Apart from the Northern Ireland protocol which trade union parties want removed or diluted, there will be arguments over rules on obligatory power-exchange. Demand helped bring Good Friday deal, but blamed for locking parties in dysfunctional executives who quarrel, fall apart and neglect services, especially health care. Critics claim that Stormont is not a Ming vase, more cracked pot.

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