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Single-seater Jetson One: Futuristic aircraft officially available on the market

Single-seater Jetson One: Futuristic aircraft officially available on the market
Jetson One approaching. (Screenshot: t3n / Youtube)

The Jetson One from the Swedish manufacturer Jetson Aero is a multicopter for one-person operation. Like a drone or an air taxi, the Jetson One can take off and land vertically. In flight operations, the vehicle with around 118 hp reaches a maximum speed of 102 kilometers per hour.

Comprehensive security system on board

The individual aircraft, we could probably also call it a flight motorcycle, consists of an aluminum-carbon frame on which eight rotors ensure a stable flight position and proper propulsion. The mini-flying object is controlled via a throttle, a joystick and two pedals.

Jetson One. (Screenshot: t3n / Youtube)

To ensure the safety of its users, Jetson Aero has come up with a lot. The first thing to be mentioned is the safety cage, which is supposed to be based on the safety framework from Formula 1. If, for whatever reason, the person flying the Jetson One is no longer in control of the situation and releases the joystick, the device will hover on the spot and land the Jetson One in a controlled manner.

Lidar sensors constantly monitor the environment for obstacles and control evasive maneuvers. The on-board computer is designed to be triple redundant. If a motor fails, the aircraft can still fly normally. A quick-release ballistic parachute is also installed for all cases.

As the Jetson Aero impressively shows it in a three-minute video on YouTube. According to the company, the Jetson One should be able to fly up to 1,500 meters. In the video, the pilot flies only a few meters above the ground.

With its dimensions 2.8 x 2.4 x 1 meters, the Jetson One should fit into any garage – especially since the rotor arms can be folded down if necessary n let. The low total weight of less than 90 kilograms also means that no storage problems are to be expected. In various images, Jetson Aero shows the single-person drone with a wide bumper on the front, in the video the flying object looks more like a motorbike with a rotor drive. Optical reminiscences of Blade Runner cannot be dismissed from the hand.

3 copies of around 80,000 euros each are still free

From the beginning of 2022, Jetson Aero plans to deliver 12 of the One drones all over the world. Four Jetson One from the dozen that have already been ordered are going to Europe. One each is shipped to Germany, Spain, Italy and Sweden. The next batch will not be produced until 2023. There are currently three copies available.

So if you have always owned a multicopter wanted to call, can strike now – if he or she is willing and able to raise $ 92,000 and does not weigh more than 95 kilos. When ordering, you only have to pay a deposit of $ 22,000 – so you still have a year to save (and lose).

Jetson pilot: certainly quite a special feeling. (Screenshot: t3n / Youtube)

Not so fast with the spontaneous purchase

Before you look for the order form. It should be noted that the aircraft do not have a general operating license. So you would need at least extensive and fenced off land of your own in order to be able to use the Jetson One. The second problem is likely to be even more serious. The Jetson One has to be connected to the charger again after a flight time of no more than 20 minutes. So you should generously distribute a few charging stations on your land. If all of this is guaranteed: Come on and have fun!

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