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Singer Seydou Mousse and Lala killed by a gang member on Facebook

Punjab police said that attack It appears to be due to guerrilla warfare.

New Delhi:

A Canada-based gangster claimed responsibility for the attack for gruesome killing of According to posts circulating on Facebook, the singer turned into politician Seydou Moussa Walla on social media He claimed to be made on In my name or for me of wanted criminal Goldie brar. In the postBrar claims that the singer’s name came up in The murder Investigation of Akali Dal leader but no action was taken against for him.

“I’m along with Sachin Bishnoi Dataranwali, Lawrence Bishnoi groupTake responsibility for The killing of Seydou Moss Walla. His name came up in Connection with The murder of Vicki Medokira and Gurlal Brar Despite this, the police did nothing “Facebook post written in Punjabi is attributed to him, says. brar who real His name is Satinder Singh, and he is known to be a close assistant of Lawrence Bishnoy.

NDTV cannot independently verify that Facebook post Written by Brar himself, or on on his behalf by his partners.

brar involved in multiple criminal cases. Earlier this month, a court in Faridpur had issued an open, non-bail notice arrest note against brar in Connection with The killing of District Youth Congress Chairman, Gurlal Singh Bihalwan.

Punjab police for her also Confirmed that the Bishnoi gang behind The murder.

Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang is involved in this is murder. lucky member of “The gang has taken responsibility from Canada,” Punjab police chief in K Bhaura told The Guardian. media yesterday. said the name of Sidhu Moose Wala’s manager Shaganpreet came up in The murder of one Vicky Medokira last year.

Vicki Medokira was one of the leaders of the Akali Dal youth who was shot dead in Mohali in August 2021.

Mr. Bhawra said a special Investigation team (SIT) was set up to investigate the accident.

the general inspector of Police (IGP), Patinda Ring, Pardeep Yadav have formed a three-member SIT ensure Fast and efficient investigation of the murder news PTI reported.

Shabdeep Singh Siddhu, better known by his stage name Sidu Mos Wala, was shot dead by unknown assailants in Jawerk Village of Mansa district on Sunday evening. 28-yearShe belongs to the village of Musa near Mansa and was very popular among young people for rap him songs.

was the singer faced Criticisms from many sides for Strengthen gun the culture in for him songs. he had also booked for He allegedly promotes violence through his website song Sango.


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