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Sindh government fixes wheat price for 4000 rupees for 2022-23

Cabinet of Sindh on Sunday gave permission for fix per ton of wheat price for 4000 rupees for fiscal year 2022-23, according to ARY News, citing provincial minister Sharjil Inaam Memon.

According to the provincial information minister, the government of Sindh fixed wheat price on 4000 rupees for fiscal year 2022-23. Statement of in price was given by the Cabinet of Sindh in their Sunday session added.

Sharjil said that agriculture minister said that most of Farmland of Sindh in under water. Farmers will have to work Indeed hard prepare land for cultivation next harvest, he added.

He added what a fix price within reasonable limits rate would help farmers sow next cut. CM said that there may be a drought-like the situation in the province if the wheat harvest is not up on point, Inam added.

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The PPP leader said that imported wheat cost about Rs 9,000 per mound. By importing, we benefit others countries not our own farmers, he added.



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