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Sindh flood victims poured into Balochistan


A large number of of floodstruck people from Sindh Kand Kot, Tul, Garkhi Hairo and other parts began to arrive in Balochistan in escape destructive floods.

Because most parts of the hinterland of Sindh is flooded, a large number of flood-affected people fled to safety of Dera Murad Jamali and other parts of Nasirabad division.

About 72 people including women as well as children arrived in Balochitan on Friday on foot due to lack of other means of transport.

These families are from Garhi Khair, Sindh. who they walked day and night to get to Kalat.

“Not one asked about food and shelter since we live outdoors sky on our own”, Rukhsana, woman with said her two daughters.

She told them children suffered from various diseases and the authorities did not provide them with any support already.

These people got to Kalat Bazaar, where the locals people gave them with food on them arrival.

“We are very tired and our women as well as children are in desperate need of helpsaid the elderly man Ilahi Bakhsh.

Bakhsh said their hut-like houses were washed away and all area was inundated by flood waters.

“We did not have option other than fleeing to Balochistan,” he said.

Meanwhile, the army, the Frontier Corps (FC) and the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) launched a joint rescue and relief operation. in in six the worst hit areas of Balochistan.

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Army set up medical camps in all flood affected areas of Balochistan to provide free treatment.

Chief Minister Balochistan Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo told the situation in Sindh was the worst and Balochistan was also supporting in flood affected people from Sindh province. “Nasirabad is completely flooded,” Bizenjo told The Express Tribune.

However, he said that Balochistan was still in much better shape than Sindh when it comes to floods.

He said it wasn’t dry. space in Sindh and Balochistan were not bad Besides for Nasirabad division.

Mir Muhammad Sadiq Umrani, the central leader of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), said there are still thousands of people were without any support.

hundreds of thousands of mud huts were destroyed floods, said Umrani.

He said that the federal and provincial governments should evolve a strategy to support over million affected in Nasirabad division.

All affected people take shelter on the highway connecting Balochistan with Sindh, since the whole area flooded.

Published in Express Tribune, 3 September.rd2022.

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