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Silent cab and more: Tesla reveals details about special Tesla Glass for the first time

The 2020 Tesla Model 3. (Screenshot: t3n)
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In a video, Tesla disclosed details of its special glass, which it has been developing since 2016, for the first time. Tesla Glass is used in both electric cars and solar roof tiles.

It was almost exactly five years ago The US media reported for the first time about a project at Tesla in which the electric car manufacturer was supposed to deal with glass. As head, Tesla relied on Mike Pilliod, who was previously jointly responsible for the development of materials at Apple. Since the Tesla project was apparently classified as top secret, there was no further information about Tesla Glass for a long time. Until Tesla used it in its Model 3 reissue in 2020. Now Pilliod has revealed details about the Tesla Glass in a video.

Tesla Glass: window closed, noise outside

Tesla has given the video the title The Secret to a Quiet Cabin, which already suggests what it is mainly about. In it, Pilliod shows how Tesla has managed to design the window glass of the driver’s cab in the new versions of the Model 3 in such a way that hardly any sound penetrates inside after closing. This is due to the fact that Tesla places two layers of glass on top of each other with Tesla Glass and places a noise-absorbing material in the space, as reported by Electrek.

When demonstrating this feature in the video, Pilli closes od the windows of the Model 3 in a noisy environment in the so-called Glass Technology Center in Los Angeles – after which no noises can be heard afterwards. Pilliod thinks the noise-canceling windows are “one of the coolest things” Tesla has put in every one of its vehicles. However, the fact that the panoramic roof of the Model 3 extends from the windscreen to the rear created additional challenges. The glass had to be durable enough to withstand accidents, as Pilliod explains.

Car glass protects 99 percent from UV radiation

It should also offer protection against solar radiation. Accordingly, the glass protects the occupants 99 percent against UV radiation. And there was one more challenge to be solved. Because the cameras used for the autopilot are behind the windshield. Therefore, Tesla had to ensure that the glass did not pose any problems for the cameras due to distortion and warping, as the Futurezone writes.

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