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Sidhu Moosewala killing: Archers hid in Fields and cops failed To reveal: The Tribune India

Tribune News Service

Chandigarh August 31

four of The six shooters in Singer Sidhu Moosewala murder hid case in The agricultural fields in the village of Khayala, which is not even 10 km away from crime Spot in Jawerk Village in mansa district, for an hour after killingaccording to a Delhi Police investigation that has now been endorsed by their Punjab counterparts.

slow reply Assist escape?

  • Punjab police can not effectively put up Checkpoints immediately after killing
  • Areas near crime The spot is not immediately combed
  • four of The shooters fled to Haryana after taking cover in Fields in a horse village for hour
  • This, despite alerting the police about suspicious movement
  • Delhi Police arrested three later of shooters

It was the Punjab Police or their counterparts in Haryana and Rajasthan, where the shooters later fled, acted on the spot, and the case could have been resolved within hours of The crime on May 29, one of the security said official. Delhi Police arrested three later of Archers – Briavarat Fuji, Ankit Sarsa and Kechiche – in separate operations. Investigations reveal that Punjab police could not effectively seal the border with Haryana and Rajasthan or set up Checkpoints between and within areas fast Enough to intercept fleeing shooters. Officials involved with The first In response to those wishing not to mention it, the police said teams To a cavalry village after a number of villagers reported to the police that they had spotted suspicious hideouts on outskirts of the city of the village.

However, the majority of the police personnel He had to be taken to Mansa Civil Hospital where Musiwala is fans They were very restless and could resort to violence, they said. It was a big police presence also necessary to secure crime Spot as well as manage the crowd in the singer house in Musa village. The shooters had fled either by the time the police arrived, or due to a shortage of Appropriate force officials said the police could not properly comb the fields.

two of The alleged militants, Jagrup Rupa and Manpreet Manu, alias Manu Kosa, escaped in alto grabber car Towards Barnala after committing crime. Both were killed about 50 days later in Meet the police in Tarn Taran. The others – Priyafrat Fuji, Ankit Sirsa, Kesheesh and Deepak Mundi – hurried towards Haryana. they lost way When they saw PCR car flashing her beacon behind they. that they took A turn towards a horse village where the bolero is vehicle I got stuck on side of the road. archers hid in domain but PCR vehicle Zoom past Without stopping, it has been learned. This has come up during the first Questioning of The accused shooters by the Delhi Police Special Cell have now been confirmed by the same shooters in Their statements to the police, as mentioned in The indictment was submitted to the Mansa Court.

accusation sheet says archers hid in Fields near the link road milestone Rala (Mansa) village is 9 km away. The indictment as well as the Delhi Police investigation reported that Fuji called up goldie brar using Signal app. brar, in In turn, he is called Keshav, who He was waiting for Of them about 3 kilometers from the town of Mansa. The sources said Keshav could have reached the shooters within an hour or so.

So far, no investigation has been conducted on Delayed response to the erection of police barriers and whether the PCR vehicle Who saw the bolero stop or not? Many media workers, who Arrived at the place soon distance crimeThey reported that they did not see many police checkpoints on The way.

Investigation officer changed

Gurlal Singh replaced SHO Angrez Singh as the investigative officer in Muswala case. Angris, who He was receiving threats from gang members, and was taken to the Boudlada police station. Mansa SSB Gaurav Tora described it as a “routine transfer”.

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