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Sidaramaya shoots bribe in Bomai

Controversial claim by BJP MLA Basangouda Patil Yatnal on being served CM’s post for 2,500 kroner rupees continued to make ripples in political circles of the state.

Congress leader Sidaramaya claimed that Pasavraj Bhumi became Chief Minister After bribing senior BJP officers, while Housing Minister V. Sumana took aim to win for The note you put the saffron in party in spot.

“Development work Can’t be expected of Bommai as he has become CM “By pushing for the leadership of the BJP,” Sidarmayah said.

If someone becomes CM after payment for And then they will be more interested in Serve themselves instead of serving people, Sidaramaya said.

Sumana told reporters in Chamarajanagar that Yatnal’s remarks embarrassed saffron party.

“We don’t know Why does he talk? like This is amazing. that it senior The leader was the union minister. he is should not issue Such embarrassing statements party and leadership.”

Sumana felt that he had made a mistake mistake By making such a statement. “The BJP head of state will look into the matter,” he said.

Speaking at a rally in Ramdurg, Yinal has claimed that “some people From New Delhi “They approached him and said they would ‘make him CM’ and asked him to ‘keep Rs 2,500 crore ready’.”

Asking politicians to be careful of Like people Before of Election season.

the video of The speech went viral, setting the BJP on The back Foot. The allegations came as the BJP battled the accusations of Corruption of contractors and over recruitment for various government Posts.


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