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Shrine confiscated from robbers in Muzaffargarh

MULTAN: current against land mafia on order of Ali Annan Qamar, Deputy Commissioner of Muzaffargarh, Jamil Hyder Shah, Qamar’s deputy, returned the shrine. of Khairan Shah built on public land near Muzaffargarh city, resisting pressure from local influencers.

The shrine was a bone of conflict between two local groups for years. One has applied in court of shah for possession as well as wanted order dahal against another.

After hearing the case, the Shah decided to take his own. possession and then pass over to Aukaf and the Department of Religious Affairs, as this is the source of income for in government and was built on state land.

He assigned the District Revenue Officer (CRO) to look into it. government control and donations collected through it are deposited in in national treasury before delivery over to the department.

According to Shah, local influential people received monthly sums of money from this temple.

Since his appointment to Qamar District, he has received zero-tolerance policy against land mafia and restored vast tracts of of state lands from invaders.

He said the goal behind the retrieval of state property take it back public resources and use them for the welfare of the nation. He said action against the land mafia would continue unabated and praise the Shah for seizure of state land from the paws of mafia.

Qamar also said no place for land invaders in the district and its administration will continue to hack down against encroachment without fear and favor.

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