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Shrikant Tyagi got a “vidhayak” poster from the former MLA, and will check how He has a police gunner, says Noida Police Chief

Shrekant Tyagi, who He had escaped since the FIR was recorded against for him for Offending and pushing a woman into the Grand Omaxe community in Noida last week, I was on Tuesday arrested by Uttar Pradesh PoliceAnd the with senior Officers say it kept changing locations and evasion devices arrest.

police also Explaining why Tiwari got the ‘vidhayak (MLA)’ label on one of for him vehicles. Speaking at a press conference in In the evening, Noida Police Commissioner Alok Singh said: vehicles of the accused run in 001 AB 32 series. Request for Every number pad, and each one cost About 1,10,000 rupees. on me one vehicle There is a vidhayak ملصق sticker found. Upon interrogation he said that through (former MLA (Swami Prasad Moria)who left Bharatiya Janata for Samjwadi Party in 2021), supplied with the label. Tiaji driver also painted UP government Code on for him car on his instructions. We will take action against Accused under gang law. So far, five cars have been recovered – two Fortuners, two Safaris, and a Honda Civic – some of which have been recovered. in his name and some in His wife’s name.”

This is the first The time when the administration admitted there was a link between Tyagi and a former BJP leader. As reported by The Indian Express, even with BJP leaders denying any connection with Tyagi, a 2018 message confirmed his affiliation with party.

Indian Express Cannes also You mentioned that Tyagi has been provided to the police protection Between October 2018 and February 2020. On Tuesday, Noida Police Chief said: “A high-level investigation is underway on Concerning the artillery that Ghaziabad Police provided to Tyagi.”

On Monday, Tyagi’s lawyer filed a surrender petition in Surajpur court. The petition was due to be heard on Wednesday.

sing also shed light on how Tyagi managed to escape arrest Until now. The police have arrived out For the woman… First, there were eight teams Formed by Noida Police. There were a huge number of files team efforts. according to requirementsthese teams Raised to 12. main The accused was constantly chased. He went outside Over the limit but we have teams Constantly using human and technical intelligence and worked with Other agencies … we also Keep track of files people who concealed main Accused.”

sing added: “He went to Delhi airport and then left for Meerut on Friday. the next day changed all his devices and on Saturday, left for Rishikesh via Haridwar. On Sunday, he returned to UP. After Sunday evening, he said changed his organs, and later was tracked around Meerut, Baghpat and Muzaffarnagar. keep moving Around in Different vehicles and was on The run for Almost three and a half days. our teams Keep track of his movements and various vehicles. We caught him from Meerut today. Mine team very witty and competent; that they faced many challenges. “

With the police and administration under fire for Not taking enough action against Tyagi and population protection of Singh said that the Noida community on Tuesday: “We have for The past two and half I worked years against Organizer crime and crimes against women. have zero disparity for crimes against women It will continue to serve expectations of The people. “

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