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shots fired outside Gazebo Shopping Center on link road in Bandra

Mumbai: Shots fired outside Gazebo Shopping Center on link road in Bandra | FPJ

The noisy connecting road between Bandra and Kar entered into a panic after being unrecognized men They fired three shots outside Clothing store He fled the scene.

According to Khar Police, the accident occurred around 7.20pm on Thursday. The police said that Monday men receipt on Bicycle and parked across Gazebo Shopping Centre. bike parking,crossing street .walking up to me store and fired three rounds in The air. Even when panic erupted around them, the trio gave a speech on Earth and fled the scene.

The store manager immediately called up police and teams They were taken to the scene of the accident. within the hour, senior Police officers, too, were present at the scene, a stone throw Far from the famous Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet on link road.

25 feet area outside The store has been cordoned off off using Barricades and ropes, after which the police began to inquire. Eyewitnesses talked to every inch of The land has been inspected in Try to find empty cartridges of Bullets so the weapon used can be identified. Because of poor lighting and police personnel She was seen roaming the wet ground using the Flashlight feature of they mobile phones.

Traffic police personnelAlso, they were summoned in To regulate traffic as a collar took up big oath of one Line of The busy The road during the peak hours.

Meanwhile, the message thrown on The land was examined by the accused. contained a message in Indian says “Who does? business Here he will not be spared. ”

the police currently make inquiries with The store Owner and staff to find it out Whether there are any recent disagreements regarding business. Chief Inspector of Police Mohan Man, Khar Police Station, said there have been no complaints recently from store in This connection.

multiple teams roaming the road now for CCTV cameras, no just right away but also in The direction that the attackers escaped in.

There were no reports of injuries in The deputy commissioner said that the incident and investigations are underway. of Manjunath Sinji Police, 9th District.

owner of The store left From the place late on Thursday night. he is declined To answer the questions of the Free Press Journal on for him way out.

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