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Shooting near north side: 2 killed, 8 wounded near McDonald’s in Chicago

Two people were killed and at least eight people were injured as a result of fight broken out near McDonald’s on near north side on Thursday evening.

According to Chicago Police spokesman Tom Ahern, the shooting occurred around 10:40 p.m. near Chicago Avenue and State Street.

Paramedics rolled stretcher after stretcher under police tape. Eight injured were taken to hospital in take seriously critical condition, with at least one of they are having surgery fire officials said. Their age was not immediately known.

The chaotic scene quickly spilled over to the nearby red line as police searched for suspect and gun stopping at least one train and evacuation of passengers. CTA officials stood at the subway entrance as police combed the tracks.

The man suffered burns when he apparently fell against third rail, according to fire officials. She was stabilized at the Stroger Hospital.

At least one According to Ahern, the man was taken into custody and the weapon seized.


Chicago Police work scene with two people were killed and at least eight people were injured in mass shooting on Chicago Avenue and State Street on near north side,

Tyler Paciak LaRiviere/Sun-Times

Police did not provide further details, but witnesses said the shooting was due to fight outside McDonald’s.

“When fight first started we were right next them,” said 18-year-old Deonna Jackson. “We should have run because I am not want anyone sway on me.”

“We were literally right there,” she said. “Man they jumped on we were talking to people he was withwho turned out to be girls.

“We get to 7/11 turn around and they just go to shooting, to shooting like crazy,” Jackson said.

Tension erupted in the crowd of spectators, some of they screamed when the officers blocked off streets around McDonald’s. Some in the crowd began to fight with each other and the officers moved quickly in break them up.

One person asked the officer why this had to be so. way. “That’s not necessary,” the officer replied.

Some of the wounded were taken to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, including one Human who died. When the sun came up on a Friday, two people who they said they knew one of the victims were talking car where a woman who looked distraught was talking to someone on telephone.

“There’s nothing you can do or say help us Now,” one of they said.

He said it’s hard to get information from police and hospitals. “These victims have mothers.”

About an hour later, the woman was seen leaving the hospital. in tears. Three others sobbed and hugged each other at the entrance to the hospital.

Around the same time, Mayor Lori Lightfoot issued a statement calling the shooting “an outrageous act.” of Violence” and saying that she asked the police supervisor. David Brown for “fixed post of Officers in uniform at the crossroads of State and Chicago and separate fixed post in Station “Red line”.

“Neighbourhoods, commuters and other people should just have peace of Be aware that this is very traffic area safe and it’s time for more specific, specific steps take action to address this area times and for everything,” Lightfoot said.

“It is simply awful and unacceptable that once again another tragedy happens because firearms in arms of people who just don’t give a damn about yourself or value of someone else’s life, she said. added.

Shooting in the city center stirred up year. They are up 225% in District 18, which includes McDonald’s. In the 1st arrondissement, which covers parts of shooting in the city center and on the Loop up 100%.

Approximately 40 minutes before the mass execution, two men were injured in shootout less than a mile away in block 400 of West Locust Street, according to police.

men29 and 32 started arguing before both opened fire, the police said. The younger one was shot in right forearm and left ankle, and was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital. in good condition. An elderly man was shot dead in abdominal cavity and went to the Northwest, where also in good condition, officials said.

Police say the shooting is unrelated attack at McDonald’s.


An eyewitness at the scene stated that the shooting came from fight outside nearby McDonald’s.

Tyler Paciak LaRiviere/Sun-Times

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