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shooter opens fire at East Bend mall, inside Safeway: 3 people dead including shooter

(update: police hold news conference; Safeway Buyer Tells of terrible birth moments out of store)

BEND, Oregon (KTVZ) – armed gunman with rifle and shotgun fired several shots in parking space of at a mall in northeast Bend on Sunday night, then drove into Safeway and fired on a lot of more shots, killing two people and makes buyers scramble for exits. officers also found shooter dead inside store.

Police Chief Mike Kranz told reporters about this late in the evening. news conference, they believe that a man entered the shopping center parking lot from the side behind It.

The AR-15 type rifle and shotgun were found “in close proximity to the shooter” when the police arrived, Krantz said, adding that the police had not fired since arriving at the scene. store.

There was a witness who thought there was second gunman, but Krantz said their investigation turned up “no evidence of a second shooter anywhere in in area”.

Krantz said about 100 officers from several agencies were involved. in investigation of “very big crime scene”, so it will take time to process the scene, including obtaining a search warrant.

“Our hearts go out victims and their families,” Krantz said. “We know it scares for our community and what we never want happen in our city”, – he said, promising that they “monitor up on each lead”.

Krantz said the police are aware of “information floating around social media” say that these are publications of the shooter, and they are also investigating them.

There also there were reports of shooting elsewhere in in the city said the chief of police, but the officers checking on these reports found “no evidence of other shoots in our community”. In particular, according to him, there was a report of shots fired in in area of Southeast Ninth Street and Reed Market Road, but the police.”found no evidence of there’s also shooting.”

“We ask community to be patient like us work through” investigation and call in with any leads, 911 if it’s an emergency, Krantz said. He also said he just learned of in one the victim did not provide details.

Officers and doctors rushed to the Forum shopping center just after 19:00 after numerous messages of shots and one or more victims and/or suspects.

Live Stream news the conference took place shortly before 23:00 (this begins about 2 minutes video on YouTube):

Shortly before 8:30 p.m., St. Charles spokeswoman Lisa Goodman confirmed they had received two people, one who was dead on arrival and another one reportedly in good condition. After a while she said that the hospital was placed in lockout.

Minutes later, Benda police PR manager Sheila Miller told reporters that three people were shot dead, including the alleged shooter.

The police responded to numerous calls just after 7 p.m. reported gunshots at the Forum shopping center, she said.

Miller said the gunman was shot at. in parking lot near Costco and Big Lots stores then entered the west entrance of Safeway.

“One person was shot dead in the entrance,” she said. dead on arrival in St. Charles Bend.

“Police believe the shooter continued firing through storeshooting and killing additional face” in relation to backproduce areaMiller said.

Police found shooter, dead in in store.

A police spokesman said that “the shelter in place” warning still in effect in in area “out of abundance of caution.” The police planned media a briefing around 10:30 p.m. at police headquarters, they said will be broadcast live on in city YouTube page, https://www.youtube.com/user/cityofbendoregon.

Goodman said shortly before 9 p.m. that “the hospital on lockout and we encourage people stay away unless they need emergency medical attention.”

More shocked up” two hours Later, Safeway buyer Josh Kaba told NewsChannel 21 about several terrifying minutes on grocery run.

A resident of Bend said that his wife stayed in in car since she was not feeling well while he was shopping with there are four children.

“About 10 minutes later we headed to the front. Then we heard that I know how many shots out front – six or seven. I immediately turned to my children and said, “Run!” People were screaming. … it was terrible experience”.

Worried about his wife, as it turned out out”grace and providence of God” when he and three of their children broke through big black Grocery exit doors, his wife drove around back and “sitting in in car saying “Get in in car! Get in in car!’”

Kaba said he went back in as well as found their fourth child, rushing her out of in store and to car also. He wanted praise the police for their actions.

“When I received out of what store and the kids were rounded up they (the officers) run in store. They are great people. They deserve all the praise and praise in in world. It’s absolutely more worse than you can imagine when someone shoots at your children. They are rock stars!”

Deschutes County 911 dispatchers received numerous calls. just after 19:00 several shots are reported in in area of mall, on highway 20 and northeast 27th The outside.

Some callers reportedly said they saw someone dressed in all black, while others said the male subject was holding two gym bags. who maybe go to the grocery store store.

Others heard gunshots from nearby Costco to the east.

police bend said in tweet about active the study in in area of TC Forum. Please avoid in area. More updates will come as the investigation continues.”

Bend Police, Oregon State Police, Deschute County Sheriff’s Deputies, Oregon State Police and Bend Fire and Rescue Medics Gathered Together on scene, including numerous armed officers and armored vehicles in the background of reports one or more suspects may have left in area.

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