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Shirin Mazari chose up released on VVK Order – Newspaper

• Investigation of court orders; former-minister blames Shehbaz and Sana of organize it arrest
• PTI holds protests across the country for her release

ISLAMABAD: In dramatic series of events, senior Pakistan Leader Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and former minister Dr. Shirin Mazari, who was chosen up by joint team of Islamabad Police and Punjab Anti-Corruption Authority (ACE) from outside her residence on Saturday, got out late in night on Islamabad High Court (IHC) ruling.

IHC also appointed a judicial inquiry against her arrest and asked the federal government formulate your TOR.

“The authorities should clarify under what powers of fundamental rights law of Dr. Mazari was abused while she was in jurisdiction of court,” said the Chairman of the Supreme Court, Athar Minallah, taking up cause in being late hours of On Saturday evening after calling Islamabad Chief of Police, Deputy Commissioner and Home Affairs secretary.

When she appeared in court just until midnight, in agreement with court order, said Dr. Mazari to the chief justice the police arrested her without any arrest warrant and civilian official grabbed her mobile phone, which has not yet been returned to her. According to her, the police forcibly dropped her from car and transferred her to another vehicle. She said she told them she was 70 but they didn’t listen and instead tortured her. They parked vehicle near Chakri junction for her medical examination, which she refused, she added.

When the court indicated out that she cannot be arrested without the permission of the Speaker of the National Assembly as the ECP did not verify her identity, ACE Deputy Commissioner in Islamabad, Irrfan Nawaz stated that Punjab home secretary made a call Chief Commissioner of Islamabad on arrest.

Watching the prima facie of Dr. Mazari arrest was illegal, the court ordered her release and ordered the police chief of Islamabad to return her mobile phone to her. At this point, PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry said that these who grabbed the phone, probably downloaded required data”.

Judge Minallah observed that some of legislators, who was taken into custody in in the past were still behind bars.

Speaking to reporters outside in court, she blamed Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah. of organize it arrest.

Fears of “kidnapping”

Soon after story broke, PTI gave call for protests across the country over what they called “kidnapping” of the ex-minister.

PTI, as well as Imaan Hazir Mazari, a civil rights activist and daughter, allegedly “abducted” her by security personnel and were brutally treated by male officials before she was forcibly moved into a vehicle, ostensibly to take her to Dera Ghazi Khan, where FIR was registered against her.

Rejecting the allegations as unfounded, the police said she was “arrested by female police officers in accordance with the law.” on request of Anti-Corruption Department.

The footage shows how law enforcement officers ask her to come with them, but when she resisted, women personnel had to drag her out of her car. Unidentified voices in in the footage you could hear her saying, “No issueand the issue could be discussed “peacefully”.

“You using violence. Don’t take my phone, Dr. Mazari could be heard saying in video of her arrest.

Her daughter later filed a habeas corpus petition under section 199 of Constitution before the IHC, pushing for it recovery through attorney Faisal Hussain and others, and received temporary relief when Judge Minalla ordered federal internal secretary present Dr. Mazari to court by 11:30 pm.

Former Punjab CM Hamza Shehbaz was also ordered the authorities to release her. After his intervention, Ms. Imaan blamed the “establishment” for Incident.

Fees against her

Dr. Mazari was chosen up from outside her house in Islamabad sector E-7 in connection with case registered with DG Khan ACE on April eleventh.

A police officer told Dawn that ACE had contacted the Kosar police to find help in take her into custody without any arrest order. He said the PTI leader was detained and taken to the police station after receiving permission from senior police and ACE officials immediately left for D. G. Khan with Dr. Mazari, while Kosar police station officials did not mention this incident. in diary (roznamcha).

PTI leader Fawad blamed CM Hamza for ordering her arrest. PTI Secretary General Asad Umar stated that government wanted to arrest several PTI leaders, including Imran Khan. He said the police party and prison Wang made it to Mr. Khan’s residence in Banigal, but party workers stopped them.

Formerly Deputy PML-N secretary general Attaullah Tarar told reporters in Lahore, this was not a “fake” case like established against his party leaders during PTI in government.

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz said Dr. Mazari should face fees and PTI should No use female card’. “It should be reason behind ACE action against Miss Mazari. this is the case of illegal transfer of 800 channel ground. If she proves her innocence, I will with her she added.

According to EPI, Dr. Mazari and her family allegedly forged with in record of 38,900 channels of Earth. Her father allegedly transmitted about 50,000 channels out of over 78,000 channels to fictitious companies. In 1971-1972, the land commissioner conducted an investigation into the transfer and found in record is absent. The investigation report included the names of Shirin Mazari, Wali Mohammad Mazari and others family members.

Ikram Junaidi of Islamabad, Zulkarnain Tahir of Lahore and Tariq Saeed Birmani of Dera Ghazi Khan also contributed to this report

Published in Dawn, May 22, 2022

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