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Shinde MLA Prakash Surve team’s final Sena-vs-Sena fight statement, “Break their legs, I’ll bring you bail…”

Maharashtra MLA Prakash Surve in Viral video of post on August 14.


Shiv Sena of Uddhav Thackeray filed a complaint with the police against MLA Prakash Surve – one of Sina legislators support Chief Minister Eknath Shinde – for His recent statement on one occasion: “If you can’t break their hand, break their leg. I’ll come next a day to save you out. “

Mr. Surve, who was part of Mr. Shinde rebelled to sack Uddhav Thackeray, apparently he was talking about battle over any one real Chef Sina – one Led by Mr. Thackeray, or the faction that splintered in The leadership of Mr. Shinde.

Video clips of Mr. Cerf’s speech is viral on social media. He was speaking on a program at Kokani Bada Buddha Vihar in Magathan area of Mumbai on August 14.

“If someone says something for you reply them,” he told the crowd, “one will be tolerated by Dadagiri. You are hit they. I, Prakash Surf, I’m here for You,” said the self-proclaimed MLA of the Magathane sector, adding, “If you can’t break their arms, break their legs.” I’ll get you bail next Today, don’t worry.”

He further said, “We will not do that fight with anyone; But if someone fights with We will not excuse them from them.”

Prakash Surf was speaking on one occasion on August 14.

In protest of the statement, a complaint has now been lodged by the Thackeray faction at Dahisar Police Station.

Given the cuteness of the video onlineThe issue likely to come up At an opposition press conference later today. Chief Minister Shende is scheduled to meet with the press afterwards.

Technically Uddhav Thackeray remains President of The party founded by him father Pal Thackeray.
But there is a law battle on over who get claim party.

With the support of the BJP, Mr. Shinde took The majority away of Sina MLAs in June to remove Uddhav Thackeray. And the, with more of the thirds of The party MLAs with him, he was able to get his faction recognized as Sina in assembly as well.

but get party As a whole, symbol and all, longer battle Needs a guide of The majority of in The party In addition to other units requirements. The matter is already in Supreme Court and Election Commission.

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