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Shigeru Miyamoto talks about Super Mario's multimedia expansion, 2D and 3D series, and more


Shigeru Miyamoto talks about the multimedia expansion of Super Mario, the 2D and 3D series and more

Know their comments about it

Nintendo shared its updated round of financial results yesterday, with Nintendo Switch sales updated so far, game sales updated as well, and finally the upcoming release schedule updated to November 2021. Following this, This morning we received some additional statements and now we have more news regarding this presentation.

We talk about the statements that Shigeru Miyamoto , creator of Mario, The Legend of Zelda and more, shared in the question and answer session that took place after the initial presentation. Together with the president, he has dealt with different topics, one of them being the new film of Super Mario and some ideas about the franchise in general .

Here are his words:

I feel very receptive to the Super Mario CG movie. For decades, we have tried to do things carefully, one by one, so that our customers are not disappointed. Regarding the film, we continue to produce with the desire to meet the expectations of our customers, and we are in the final stage, so we announced the release schedule the other day.

In the future, I would like to actively expand to other IPs. Because it is multimedia, you can experience Nintendo IPs in a number of ways, so I think it is desirable to have a large amount of content that works even when you don’t have a video game console. However, I’d like to do each one carefully, so I can’t name a specific number of titles. I want to do good things constantly and accumulate them.

The difference between Mario 2D and 3D will be explained using the background of the release of New Super Mario Bros. Wii for Wii in 2009 as an example. At the time, I felt that the simpler the “Super Mario” series developed in 3D, the more complicated it became. So “Super Mario Galaxy” (released in 2007) was the result of the goal of making “Super Mario 3D” easier to understand, while “New Super Mario Bros. Wii” was born as a basic side-scrolling Mario that it can be understood even by people new to the franchise. After that, we launched “Super Mario Run” as something simpler (a mobile app launched in 2016). When developing the software, our goal was to incorporate new elements while making the game easier for novice customers.

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