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Sherry Papini, woman who fake kidnapping 2016 signs plea deal

“I’m very embarrassed of myself for my behavior and so sorry for the pain that I experienced caused my family my friends, all good people who suffered in vain, because of my story and those who worked like this hard to attempt help me,” Papini said. in her statement. “I will work rest of my life to make amends for What I’ve done.”

Papini, 39, released the statement through her lawyer, William Portanov. first It is reported by The Sacramento Bee on Tuesday.

As CNN previously reported, Papini was reported missing. husband in November 2016 after her departure out for run next to her home in Shasta county. Three weeks later on Thanksgiving, she was found one on interstate highway 140 miles from home.

She told the police that she was kidnapped and branded by two. women who kept her chained in closet. She gave detailed story of her abduction and hand treatment of the alleged assailants, who she said were wearing masks, spoke Spanish, held her at gunpoint and branded with heated tool.
However, according to the Department of Justice, Papini actually stayed with ex-boyfriend in Southern California for three weeks, when she reportedly went missing and received over $30,000 in victim assistance fraud money based on on raffle, court documents show.
Papini was indicted with manufacturing false statements to a federal law enforcement officer and mail fraud, and she agreed to plead guilty to one think of everyone, prosecutors said Tuesday in statement. She faces maximum phrases of 25 years in prison and up up to $500,000 in fines.

The court will determine the punishment. papini plea the date was not set.

“We take this case in fully new directionPortanova, a. former A federal prosecutor told The Sacramento Bee. “Everything that happened until today stops today.”

papini plea the agreement was delivered to prosecutors in US Attorney’s Office in Sacramento, Portanova office confirms CNN.


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