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She resigned on her own

Vice Chancellor urged people It does not “offend” the institute.


Center online Campaigns supporting a former assistant professor of Saint Xavier University, who She claimed that she was forced to quit her job over some of Instagram for her photos in The university’s vice chancellor, Father Felix Raj, the swimsuit, dismissed the claim and said it was “disgraceful to assume” that the institution would do so.

Mr. Raj said in a statement that the university “believes in Preserving and preserving dignity and honor of Teachers, staff, students and other callers with He. She”.

31-year- PhD holder who It was joined In particular run Independent Foundation in Rajarat in August 2021, PTI reported that she is accused of Post “Inappropriate” photos of to her on Instagram by an internal disciplinary committee of The university consists of Female faculty, VC and registrar among others.

woman also He stated that the committee during its meeting last October, he told her this photos It can have a negative effect on Division of male students and parents.

the teacher, who File a police complaint in In the case, she was allegedly “forced to resign” after being shown to publications of some of Instagram for her photos said that father of one of Undergraduate students up Subject with University authorities after finding him son “Staring at photos.

Strongly refute the charge, Vice Chancellor of Saint Xavier University told PTI that the institute respects privacy of All of the concerned.

“It may be specifically noted that St. Xavier’s University, Kolkata, has not forced any teacher to resign. It is very offensive to assume that St. Xavier’s University, Kolkata, force Any teacher should resign. in A recent statement.

urge media people social media Users and others so as not to “offend” the Institute.

This was observed during last A few days there are some data and write operations in social media Platform and publications in printing press media By unilaterally naming St. Xavier University, Kolkata and its appointed officials and teachers in connection with some alleged forced resignations of University teacher although there is no mention of ID of the teacher.

“It goes without saying that you will agree and appreciate that the university has always believed in it in Preserving and preserving dignity and honor of All teachers, staff, students and other callers with He. She, past The statement said.

The teacher, while speaking to PTI, said that the . file photos shows her in It was the multidisciplinary committee meetings that I participated in in The ‘story Section’ of Instagram in 2020, wondered how I did university or anyone last get it access them as they should last on app only for 24 hours.

“Minimized picture in Show me the publication during the October 7 meeting (last year) they were indeed Mine photos taken in Hotel abroad before joined Institute. It was from Instagram story subscriber with .my friends in Early 2020, which cannot be seen by or for any guardian son. can watch it for 24 only hours. nothing of these people You have access to my account,” she said.

She emphasized that no one else could decide what she was should is being wearing in to her private life.

the teacher, who did not wish to be determined, added She had to resign despite giving a letter of Apology for Inappropriate behavior, if any, is harmful to the image of Institute.

However, the venture capital vehemently denied the accusations.

He told PTI that there was no case of Any faculty member was asked to resign, but there was a meeting indeedincluding Assistant Professor in first week of October, where she herself confirmed that few students and guardians follow her Instagram posts.

“She apologized herself in e-mail for any action in public Which was accessible to the students and which may not be appropriate for very teacher next day. at the end of October 2021 sent a letter of resignation to the university. that was over eight months back. The university suffers to face all malicious charges off Suddenly now,” said Mr. Raj for liberal values ​​and has never imposed any moral code of Procedure on faculty, students, and staff.”

many of social media Users came out in support of teacher, after story Shared by news outlets. that online campaign striving to work in It happened over 24,000 signatures so far.

(Except for Title, this story It has not been edited by the NDTV crew and is posted from a syndicated feed.)

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