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SHC orders “immediate demolition” of new concrete structures erected in Frere Hall – Pakistan

Sindh High Court (SHC) on Monday ordered ‘immediate demolition’ of recently erected concrete structures at Frere Hall after it emerged that the Karachi administration was allegedly building new gate to city reference point.

The court was presided over over civil action filed by the architect and social activist Marvi Mazhar through lawyer and human rights activist Jibran Nasir against new construction on historical heritage sites. The petition stated that, in accordance with the law, new construction could not be carried out out at heritage sites.

SHC expressed outrage at new erections at Frere Hall and other heritage sites. extradition show-cause Notice to Karachi Administrator Murtaza Wahab, Court also suspended his “invasion” in any legacy building or city website.

Court also ordered to demolish of gate under construction at Frere Hall, noting that damage to historic sites and cultural heritage is “unacceptable”.

Sunday morning members of civil society with representatives of institute of Architects, Karachi Branch, held a protest in Frere Hall Gardens. over building of gate and fence on Abdullah Haroon Road side of Hall.

Chanting slogans against “poor” decision of building gate, protesters are held up banners and posters in red with the words “No Fence” and “Say No to Frere Hall Gate” written in bold black.

All were of in view that the park was a historical landmark of in city and its architectural elements should be saved.

Frere Hall one of the most democratic, interactive and widely used public space for all classes in Karachi. neoliberal decision of fencing, gate installation, arch act of obstacles,” Mazhar said.

Other protesters were also of in view that the gardens of Frere Hall served public space which was open and friendly to the townspeople of Karachi. Aesthetics of current structures are not aligned with architecture of hall, and they demanded restoration and preservation of in original features of Frere Hall Gardens.

However, Wahab denied that the gate was being installed.

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