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Shark alerted after animal swam unusually close to Cornwall beach

Shark warning was issued in Cornwall after one of the animals have been seen swimming unusually close to shore.

six, a two-legged blue shark has been discovered in shallow water in river fal on Trelisick Estate of the National Trust between Truro and Falmouth on Wednesday.

Blue sharks are one of several types of The shark is known to migrate from the Atlantic to the west coast of Cornwall during the summer months.

However, experts warned that the shark should be “bypassed” because the animal can be traumatized and stressed.

Dan Jarvis, of charity British Divers Marine Life Rescue, said his team monitored his condition over worries that the shark might be disoriented.

“Ignore it and give it’s a wide place’

Mr Jarvis said, “This real worry for us because they don’t usually come up so close to the beaches like this is. We are worried that he is injured or unwell and may need some medical help.

“Our advice is to ignore it and give it’s a wide place. It could be just come for look and swim off when he’s happy, but if he’s unwell, we don’t want to cause it’s any more stress from people get into the water and interfere with It.”

dog walker Harry Goobey, who took off the shark, said it looked like the creature was trying way on beach.

Mr. Gooby said: “I waited less than a minute when the shark swam very close to the shore and in one dot put her muzzle up to the beach.

“His entire head came out of water and almost stuck his nose in the bottom of his neck on beach.”

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