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Sharif Appreciates Malala’s Activities of equal education

NEW YORK: Shehbaz Sharif praised international protection work of Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai on social issues, especially the education of girls, its office said.

prime minister met Yusufzai on aside of 77th annual session of United Nations General Assembly in New York, which young Pakistani activist also attended.

During the meeting prime minister damage and destruction noted caused recent flash floods that caused damage of terrible proportions.

Sharif expressed concern about aftermath of these floods on educational infrastructure.

Praising Yusufzai’s courage and dedication, he highlighted his government’s efforts in fields of education, gender equality and expanding learning opportunities for pupils in Pakistan.

prime minister also noted government projects and schemes to prioritize and stimulate education of girls in Pakistan and praised the partnership of Malala Foundation with Ministry of Education for support your existing STEAM program.

Yousufzai reaffirms her commitment to advancing the right to education for all girls and regretted that many schools were destroyed in floods.

She expressed her resolve for helping the disadvantaged childrenespecially girls. Yusufzai also certified of Malala Foundation support for Islamabad’s mitigation efforts of catastrophic floods, in specific on girls’ access to education.


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