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Sharad Pawar targets Amit Shah over violence in Delhi: “Can’t even handle…” | India latest news

NCP Chairman Sharad Pawar on Saturday stinging fired attack on Central led by BJP government over sectarian tensions in Country and alleged misuse of Central investigative agencies. he is also interrogate the center decision For inviting foreign leaders to ‘Gujarat alone’.

Addressing an NCP rally in Kolhapur in Pawar in western Maharashtra said, “I am glad that international The leader visits Gujarat. But whether it is US President Donald Trump, or Chinese President Xi Jinping, or the US President latest Visit of UK Prime Minister (Boris Johnson), they have all been moved to Gujarat and not to any other states.

“He. She shows What are the rulers? in Delhi is thinking of other countries.” added.

Talking about the recent violence that erupted out in Jahangirpuri area of Delhi During the Hanuman Jayanti procession earlier this month, the Supreme National Congress party said the union home minister Amit Sah failed to protect national Capital of communal riots. Pointing out that the Delhi Police are subject to the union home Ministry, Pawar told the crowd “If anything happens in Delhi, the message goes out to me world. The world I imagine there are disturbances in Delhi,” Pawar said.

Amit Shah should Taking steps To keep Delhi united and undivided, but it failed Let’s do it. you have powerbut you can’t even handle a file city like Delhi” added.

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he is also central target government over arrests of NCP Leaders Anil Deshmukh and Nawab Malik – Both facing money-laundering sensors;

“At first they accused former (Maharashtra) home minister Anil Deshmukh with taking R100 crore bribe, but later changed Their statement to Rfour crores. Likewise, a 20-year-old case against (Country ministerMalik’s deputies were dug out selectively and was framed up as the head of the NCP.

“If the union government He thinks the NCP or other opposition parties can be silenced with The help of ED or CBI, they live in fool’s paradise” added.


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