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Shape of Tropical Storm Earl and Hurricane Daniel on on the same day

Hurricane Daniel, having spent most of of day like a tropical storm, saw him maximum steady winds intensify back to 75 mph late Saturday night.

Daniel is almost 1000 miles from any land in North Atlantic Ocean and moving westward at a speed of 2 miles per hour.

As of National Hurricane Center Advisory Board at 11:00 p.m. on On Saturday, another recently named storm, Tropical Storm Earl, was located about 90 miles to the northeast. of St. Thomas, moving west-northwest at 10 miles per hour with its winds maintain a speed of 50 miles per hour maximum.

In Earl’s forecast, like Daniel finally turning around north and then to the northwest and heading away from the land.

Tropical Storm Earlforce the winds are blowing out up up to 105 miles.

Storm moving west-northwest at almost 10 miles per hour.

Parts of heavy rain and gusty winds possible in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico over in next several days regardless of in systems development.

Hurricane Daniel still maximum steady winds of 75 mph. His hurricaneforce winds stretch 15 miles from its center while a tropical storm isforce the winds are blowing out 125 miles. As of By 11:00 p.m. Saturday, Daniella was about 985 miles to the west. of Azores as they drift over Atlantic Ocean.

Daniella and Earl first named storms to form in in the Atlantic since early July, when Tropical Storm Colin formed offshore. of Carolina. This is after a quiet August with no named storms, something happened for only for the third time since 1961.

2020 hurricane season set a record with 30 named systems, and the 2021 season was the third most active with 21 named systems. Average year calls for 14 named storms.

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next the name of the storm will be Fiona.

There were three more storms this season with names – Alex, Bonnie and Colin. with in last oneColin, absent-minded on July 3rd, which means this 60-day streak is second-for a long time in Atlantic hurricane season history without a named storm since 1995.

Only Alex made his presence is known in South Florida dropped as much as 12 inches of rain in some areas.

“It looks like September can really hit off en active period in tropics. sustainable wave train of energy rolling off Africa in the tropical Atlantic is expected to keep things active for some time across the Atlantic basin,” said AccuWeather meteorologist Brandon Buckingham.

Majority active part of hurricane season from mid-August to the end of October, with September 10 statistical peak of season.

Forecasters say dry air, sugar dust and wind shear were among the reasons why there was no more storm it year.

The hurricane season ends November 30th.

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