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Shahbaz Gill “kidnapped” from Banigala Chowk in Islamabad, say PTI leaders – Pakistan

PTI leader Shahbaz Gill was ‘kidnapped’ in Islamabad, according to party Vice President Fawad Chaudhry and others.

Chaudhry, in a tweet saying that Gill was selected up from Banigala Chowk, unknown personnel in cars lacking license plates.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan called the incident one of kidnapping, not arrest.

“Can such shameful deeds take place in some sort of democracy? He told political workers who are considered enemies “d and shared the video. of Gill’s assistant who claimed that party the leader was arrested.

“I was not unlocking in car so after moving it’s to the side also abused me – look at my neck – and after that he (Gill) was also handcuffed and broke car windows with Kalashnikov assault rifles,” the assistant said, adding that Gill was also dragged, and there were from eight to ten cars.

In a later video posted on PTI’s Twitter account, the assistant claimed that more of There were 15-20 cars present during the incident and Gill was beaten up. up also.

He added that he was pressured by an unknown men in hand over Gill’s cell phone, but he refused. The assistant said that no warrant or legal documents were produced during the check. ordeal.

Meanwhile, PTI leader Murad Said initially stated that Gill had been arrested.

In later tweets, he said that Gill was kidnapped, claiming that windows of Gills car were smashed while his assistant was also was attacked.

He claimed that there was a “terrible plan” hatched last night but pti followers sent a “clear message” that any action against party Chairman Imran Khan will cross the “red line”.

Former human rights minister Shirin Mazari said that the alleged kidnapping of Gill and ARI take off air were part of “grand design of The US regime change conspiracy and its collaborators. PTI leader Farrukh Khabib stated this. party it was impossible “to intimidate and suppress such a high tacticsand called for Gill’s immediate release.

He also claimed that Gill was arrested government

PTI leader Babar Avan also condemned the incident and said it was “evidence” of how scared government was.

Gill’s controversial comments

A day ago, the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) released show-cause notification Ahri News for broadcasting Gill’s comments, which he said were “highly hateful and inflammatory” remarks tantamount to “inciting the armed forces to rebellion”.

Notification gone on say Gill was invited via telephone call for his comments and during his speech with channel, Gill claimed that government tried to provoke the lower and middle of army against PTI, saying that family of such “ordinary” support Imran Khan and his party “which kindles rage in government”.

He had also argued that “strategic media cell” of spread the ruling PML-N false information and fake news create divisions between PTI head Imran Khan and the military.

Gill said that government leaders including Javed Latif, Defense Minister Khawaja Asif and former Speaker of the National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq criticized the army in the past and were now in government positions.

“Statement made guest on Ahri News is a violation of Article 19 of Constitution, as well as the laws of Pemra. Airing of such content on your news channel shows or weak editorial control on in content or the licensee deliberately condones in providing its platform to such persons who intend to sow malice and hatred against state institutions for their selfish interests,” said the observer.

“Dr. Gill tried to slander the federal government by claiming to government functionaries lead campaign through social media cell for spreading the anti-army narrative.”

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