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Shah asked the BJP cadre to Udhav’show sina place”, sounds BMC polling horn

Uddhav Sena has betrayed the BJP. It’s time for show them to them place. in politics one should Shah told BJP leaders and workers during his visit to Mumbai: sounding trumpet for Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) Upcoming Polls. He was addressing the state party leaders, office-bearers, MLAs, Representatives, and Companies in Vice CM Devendra Fadnavis official Bungalow “Meghdoot” in The city.

exhort party to adopt aggressiveness strategy against Udhav Sena, Shah set for BJP ambitious goal of 150 plus seats in Elections for the 227-member military council.

this was first Time after BJP all along with Sina rebel leader Eknath Shinde ousted Maha Vikas Agadi (MVA) led by Uddhav government over Two months ago, Shah went after Udhav and his people party.

From his tone and content, it was clear that Shah was single out Uddhav Sena is like saffron party’s main goal which is to unseat Sena which lasted three decades rule in BMC will be the ‘Mumbai Mission’.

Referring to former CM Uddhav, Shah said, “Shiv Sena has stabbed the BJP in The back. Anything can be tolerated and forgiven but not betrayal.” party Workers should go out into the streets and work hard And the should Don’t rest until Sina punishedHe said.

launch a bitter attack on Uddhav, Shah blamed him for “the predicament” of Sina. “If it’s Shiv Sena as well reduced to the smallest partyUddhav Thackeray alone responsible’, charged. ‘You all know how Uddhav had betrayed the BJP. However, the BJP has always shown a lot of Patience to take them with you.”

Shah also She denied Sina’s repeated allegations that in The run up In the 2019 Maharashtra State Assembly elections, the BJP agreed to ‘equality power- The arrangement of sharing “between the two allies.

“I made no promises to Udhav Thackeray in our one-on-one Meeting. On the contrary, our position from the start has been that Fadnavis CM post in “The 2019 polls will not be compromised,” Shah said. he is added that he remembered past to inform party Workers of “The facts and give They have the right perspective.

Explain the importance of civic city of Mumbai body Opinion polls, the union minister BJP said should Get edge in In the elections, claiming that the parties indulged in against Hindutva politics You will be defeated.

While he declared Shinde to be the BJP new Shah, partner of the alliance, said, “Shindi Sena is real Sina. They upheld the commitment to Hindutva.”

earlier, in On the day when Shah visited Lalbaugcha Raja in Lower Parel with for him family Individuals. He visited Bandra West Sarvajanik Ganeshutsav Mandal, which is located in Constituency of the BJP’s Mumbai Unit Chief, Ashish Shellar. This was followed by a visit to CM Shendi and Vadnavis houses for Ganesh Darshan. Shah also Opened a school in Powai in Mumbai.

Uddhav Sena was fast in Her reaction to Shah’s comments by saying that she is also equipped for “show BJP place”.

“Whoever betrays who is visible to everyone from Delhi to Mumbai. He is visible. who escape from with whose people (MLAs) and people of Mumbai don’t do that want Anything from you (BJP). Besides, so are we already on Earth from the beginning and we will do soon show Bharatiya Janata Place Sena leader and former mayor of Mumbai Kishori Bednekar said.

Arvind Sawant, Sina’s deputy in south Mumbai, said the BJP should Remember “the good deeds that Shiv Sena has given them” and should Remember that he was the founder of Sina Palasaheb Thackeray who He had supported Prime Minister Narendra Modi when the BJP leaders themselves were too against for him. “Had Balasaheb Thackeray not supported Modi Ji, we would not have got Modi Ji as prime minister. So party should Remember all this and time will tell who will show From his place, Sawant said.

Speaking to reporters, the leader of Sina and Uddhav son Aditya Thackeray said, “I don’t want to say anything on That (Shah’s statements). but the real The plot or betrayal that was planned (by the BJP) in In front of me of Everyone. While that of He asks me about Shah’s statements, people should Ask these 40 traitors (the rebel Sena MLAs) what they have to say.”

Sena MLC Manisha Kayande said, “Shah is the union home minister But he spoke language As if any ordinary BJP worker is speaking way He made these inappropriate threats for Him, and that’s also when he came to Mumbai for Ganesh Darshan. It has been history of BJP so without polarizing the existing society on They can never do that win The election. Sometimes it’s Ram and now it’s my side.”

Kayandi also hit out in Shah for Declaring that Shinde Sena was “real Shiv Sena.” The matter is before the court and he is making such statements. This was truly an irresponsible statement made by union home minister’, she accused.

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