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Severe tornado warning issued thunderstorms

Strong winds and heavy rain hit Chicago area Monday night when the tornado warning went around the world. region.

The National Weather Service said the flood warning was in effect until 22:30 for Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, and McHenry counties.

How harsh weather leaves, extreme heat will follow. Temperature in the high 90s will hit Chicago on Tuesday and Wednesday.

hot weather could set local records. Projected High Tuesday of 98 degrees is just shy of 99 degrees record high for June 14 and Wednesday maximum of 97 degrees bordering June 15 all-time high: 95 degrees set in 1994.

But it will feel even hotter. high levels of humidity will do heat index – how in heat felt body — warmer, raising the index to about 105 degrees, Lincoln said.

“Ninety degrees in as well as of himself, although warm, of course, will feel much worse, ”he said.

National Weather Service advises Chicagoans to limit outdoor activity, check in on neighbors and family and not leave children or pets in cars.

“It’s dangerous if people not use caution,” Lincoln said.

Three Chicago women died in Rogers Park senior residential complex during heat wave last month. The residents begged property managers for days before turning off in heat and turn on in air air conditioning among record- extreme temperatures, inhabitants and family participants said.

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