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Several injured, including two policemen after vehicle rides through a parade in New Mexico

Several people were treated on scene where people According to the New Mexico State Police, they enjoyed an inter-tribal Gallup centenary ceremony. in twitter post. Degree of their injuries unknown.

driver and passengers in in custody, officials said, and state police are investigating the incident.

The parade on Thursday evening was to begin at 7 pm in Downtown Gallup, according to event website. The parade was part of a lot of days celebration of Native American culture and heritage, according to news release on in event.
Video filmed by witness Sean Justice shows a group of people performance in in street when the crowd bursts into shouts, with people galloping up and in a hurry in opposite direction of what it seems moving car.

Another video taken by witness Keisha Jo. shows something like an SUV that drove through the parade. front of SUV damaged car on pavement, his front door crumpled in.

Navajo Council Speaker Seth Damon issued a statement saying, “The Navajo Nation stands with stability against any action of violence and sends prayers of protection injured. It was traumatic and trigger event for many, especially for our youth, old people and our veterans who acted quickly.”

“Hold Gallup in your prayers tonight as we get together in faith and strength for one duster May the Creator and Holy People bless you all tonight as we move forward together,” he said.

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