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“Set an example of PTI’: Fazl requires quick action against Imran after ECP’s funding verdict – Pakistan

Head of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) Maulana Fazlur Rehman on Wednesday called for speedy trial against former prime minister Imran Khan and his party demanding that “PTI should to be made example of”.

“Be it Imran Khan or Dr. Arif Alvi, [they] should resign immediately party because they turned out to be criminals,” he said. in press conference that followed the meeting of PDM leadership today at the Prime Minister’s House.

Fazl’s comments came a day after the election commission of Pakistan, in its long-awaited verdict ruled that PTI “intentionally” and “knowingly” received prohibited funding, including a number of of foreign donors.

The commission has at its disposal also said he was “forced to believe that Imran Khan failed fulfill their obligations under Pakistani law.”

The PDM chairman said that all political parties have decided to start a rally against Imran and his party as they were now “proven criminals”.

He demanded that PTI officials should also be arrested immediately.

Management of pictured DPM in meeting on August 3rd. — @pmnn_org

The JUI-F leader said that for eight years Imran tried to “run away” from the CEP, making accusations against institution and its leader.

“He blackmailed CEP, but reality is that the commission [independent] institution, and it cannot falsify facts,” he said.

Imran and his supporters on slandered several times on ETUC and its Chief Electoral Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja, accusing body and its leader of bias.

“The verdict proved that he is an incompetent leader. All these years PTI has represented false certificates and declarations in ESP, which is a violation of Constitution.

“But today we have reached the stage where now clear that he supported the foreign agenda and tried to harm Pakistan,” he said.

The verdict, Fazl continued, showed that Imran was a “foreign puppet”. who was delivered to politics as [part of] foreign agenda.

“He took help from Israel and India […] today all these facts have been discovered. His fundraisers have been linked to Israel, India, Denmark, Canada, Finland and many other countries. countries”.

Fazl added that during today’s meeting government and his allies agreed that “the question of security of the state” was the highest priority and emphasized that all “institutions and powers” should work as one to protect the country.

Such “criminal elements,” he said. should to be torn out of the country history and be made example for forthcoming generations”.

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