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Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume Praises Biden’s Powerful Speech and Emphasis on Aid to Ukraine

Biden’s Speech: A Powerful Display of Leadership

The network’s senior political analyst Brit Hume said “it may be remembered as one of the best, if not the best speeches of his presidency.”

“He was firm. He was unequivocal. He was strong, as he has been, particularly in recent days before he went to Israel and while he was over there,” the veteran conservative commentator said.

Hume also commended Biden for his emphasis on providing continued aid to Ukraine.

In his Oval Office speech, the second of his presidency, Biden called for a $100 billion package to help both Israel and Ukraine defend themselves and provide humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Biden has just returned from a trip to Israel in the wake of Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack and the country’s subsequent declaration of war against the militant group and relentless bombing of the Gaza Strip inhabited by more than 2 million Palestinians.

Biden’s speech was not as well received by others in the conservative media and at Fox News, which has devoted significant airtime to criticizing his visit to Israel and casting him as weak.

Sean Hannity, for example, complained it was “cliched.”

“I wanted to hear more about the barbaric brutality that took place in Israel,” he said.


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