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Senior cop says investigation, day after denial of knowledge

Mr Kumar had said there was no investigation in The case where no one filed any complaint.

New Delhi:

In a new touch in Viral back gift’video controversy in Uttar Pradesh, Saharanpur, police said they are conducting an investigation to verify the authenticity of of Clip the video and take action if necessary. admin of Police, City, Rajesh Kumar until yesterday denied any flag of the video. “We don’t know from where is this. “If we receive any complaints, we will see,” he said.

“SP city An investigation is underway to verify its authenticity of Video and action (if need be), “Senior Supervisor of Police Akash Tomar told NDTV today.

Uttar Pradesh BJP MLA Shalabh Mani Tripathi shared the video on Twitter who shows Policemen ruthlessly crushed a group of men with Caption “Back gift for rioters.” Mr. Kumar had said that no investigation had been opened in The case where no one filed any complaint.

In the video, around nine men Be strong and try to fend off the blows that are constantly raining on Including two armed policemen with sticks in What appears to be a police station, but in in vain.

The video spread two days after the Uttar Pradesh police stormed down on They detained several protesters of they for disturbing peace and harmony, as there were reports of clashes in several places where people Gather to protest now against rejected and sectarian statements of suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma against The Prophet Muhammad and Islam.

Mr. Kumar’s statement comes a day after an NDTV investigation revealed a file men in the video was indeed from Saharanpur and were brutally assaulted. family members of at least five of The men being crushed in He said the video is indeed from Saharanpur and men They were seriously injured.

With eight deaths in police custody and 443 deaths in custody in 2020-21, Uttar Pradesh accounts for The highest number of Deaths in custody in Country.


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