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Self-destruct USB drive comes with built-in detonator – Russian development, what else

Rostec has built a detonator into a new USB flash drive in a Russian high-tech conglomerate capable of destroying the NAND memory chips in the device. The detonator can also be activated manually and the destruction is completely safe for the user, says the manufacturer. Unlike drives, it includes not only a NAND memory chip and a USB-NAND bridge / controller, but also a battery and an electric detonator. When activated by pressing a button on the end of the device, the detonator says Rostec will “burn the printed circuit with a stacked charge.”

“This message destroys itself in five seconds” . The text is usually accompanied by a cinematic scene of self-destruction that includes burning, dissolving in acid, or something else. However, in the case of Rostec drives, the housing of the device remains intact, which guarantees the safety of the owners. Meanwhile, it is not yet known how Technodynamics intends to protect the destroy key from accidental activation.

Modern drives, which delete their contents quickly, usually encrypt the stored data with an AES-256 key and only they make the device unusable when it comes time to discard the data. Unless you have an awesome performance quantum computer, it’s impossible to crack a 256-bit key in a reasonable amount of time. Yet, for true paranoids who don’t want to take risks, Rostec’s method is certainly more advantageous and “more Russian.”

“We’ve created a new tool that can reliably protect information from unauthorized access: “In the future, the device will be tested for long-term storage security, resistance to mechanical shocks and resistance to climatic factors. We will also work on different design options for the case,” said Igor Nasenkov, CEO of Technodynamics. Rostec has so far only produced prototype drives, but can configure both performance and capacity to order

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