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Segway becomes a robo-fighter: This is what the new mecha kit brings

Segway becomes a robo-fighter: This is what the new mecha kit brings
With the expansion set, manga and anime-inspired fight scenes can be reenacted and small battles can be fought. (Photo: Ninebot)
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After the go-kart Extension set Segway manufacturer Ninebot is now bringing another add-on package for its e-scooters onto the market.

Anyone who thinks of Segways has Presumably still the scooter of the early 00s in mind, which can be controlled by shifting weight. After the initial hype about the Personal Transporter, which was even fueled by business giants like Jeff Bezos, the device ultimately turned out to be a flop. In 2020 Segway parent company Ninebot initially stopped production of the PT model, but in 2021 the manufacturer brought a new version of the self-balancing e-scooter onto the market.

Segway manufacturer Ninebot: fun add-ons for e-scooters

If you take a closer look around the US shop of Segway-Ninebot, you come across One of the options is two bizarre expansions: on the one hand, the e-scooter can be converted into a go-kart, on the other hand, the scooter can now also be turned into a turret. With the help of the so-called Mecha-Kit, the Nine Bot S model, the corresponding children’s version or the Ninebot S-Pro becomes a vehicle including a seat that is equipped with bullets. The name of the set is based on the corresponding robot-heavy manga genre.

Segway with combat robot extension – This is how it works

The vehicle with a steel frame should be able to carry a total of up to 100 kilograms and can be controlled with the left and right hand using two joysticks. In addition to drifts, which are made possible by two small rolling wheels at the rear, and normal locomotion, the on-board cannons can also be controlled using the joysticks. At the push of a button, small gel balls filled with water are fired. 60,000 of the supposedly environmentally friendly bullets are supplied by the manufacturer with the extension set.

Segway Mecha-Kit: Light and sound equipment are part of the extension

So that the joysticks are not activated by accidental contact, for example when getting in and out, the built-in sensors only react when when it is actually encircled by a hand n. Alternatively, it can also be controlled via an app. As gimmicks on top, the Segway Ninebot also offers lighting effects for the underbody lighting and a “laser” beam as well as the possibility of music playback via a Bluetooth sound system in the US $ 599.99 extension.

If and when that The new package will be available in Germany is still unclear – in the German shop it will initially remain with the kart expansion.

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