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Sega considering more studio acquisitions

Sega is considering acquiring more studios and entering into partnerships. That reports parent company Sega Sammy in response to its quarterly figures.
To strengthen our global studio network, we continue to consider more acquisitions of studios with potential, both in Japan and around the world,” says senior executive vice president, Koichi Fukazawa.Sega took on a number of major studios, including Creative Assembly, Sports Interactive and Atlus. The company cites Atlus as an example of a successful acquisition, as it acquired “strong localization capabilities in the US” in addition to “some strong IPs.” Using the same strategy, the Yakuza franchise also achieved success outside of Japan. Finally, Sega mentions that it is not satisfied with its current collaborations with partners. Going forward, it says it wants to create “more possibilities” by communicating better.Sega recently announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft. Sega uses Microsoft’s Azure technology to develop games in the cloud.


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