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Security guards at BJP office, Shatrughan Sinha in Post Agnipath jobs

Even Major General Rawat said people should “Retirement at age 58,” Chattrojan Sinha said.

New Delhi:

Political Representative Shatrughan Sinha today announced the center’s “Agnipath” recruitment scheme for Defense Forces’ flawed policy, protests against It has reached the point where backtracking is inevitable. The government’s view That Agnipath will help in The creation of smaller and smaller and more tech-Rather forceMr. Sinha wondered if the recruits would become more efficient how Can they retire yet? just four years.

“You are throw they out Four years later they became BJP security guards office? I saw best of Army people to speak out against This is a policy of Trinamol Rep.

Even General Rawat (Bibin Rawat) said people should He retires at the age of 58. Now a different tone, a different tone. why all that? They are the people of our nation. They are the children. They should be taken care of of. Not just them but their families.” added.

In February 2020, General Rawat, the late President of The Defense Staff has stated that the retirement age of Armed forces personnelthose below Rank of officers should is being extended to 58, from current 37-38 to cut the defense pension The bill – that’s up to 28 percent of Defense expenditures – and services improvement.

Go by short-term Recruitment scheme – partly means cut off down on The pension Spending – 76 percent of Recruits will be dropped after four years and only 25 percent retained.

Who are these 25 percent? who Will it be kept? Are they yours people? “Which relatives do you prefer?” asked Mr. Sinha. Why four years? Why not five years? Just to save you some tips? “

Describing the violent protesters as “Angry Virs” and “Ragh Darbari” he said, “Violence is not a solution. Violence is problemCreates more problems. But having said that, let me tell you people in Bihar and higher, especially rural people… they have a spirit of energy and patriotism. after going for Physical and medical exams people who be on the edge of Being chosen, what will happen to them? “

Referring to government previous measures like demonization,”complicated GST “and the farm bill, said the center has lost faith of The people.


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