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Security fall during Amit Shah’s visit to Mumbai, Andhra state official arrested

It was Amit Shah in Mumbai this week for 2 day visit


in security scare for Federal Home Minister Amit Shah in Mumbai, a man pretending to be a home The ministry officer approached the commander and roamed freely in Prohibited areas before arrest.

Amit Shah has finished his two-day visit on Tuesday but reports of The accident appeared today.

The arrested man, Hemant Pawar, is believed to be the character secretary of Deputy for Andhra Pradesh.

Allegedly hovering around Amit Shah for hours and wearing a home first ministry-card.

Police said he pretended to be an officer overseeing security arrangements.

was in the second events Which was attended by Amit Shah and was also I have seen outside The homes of Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and his deputy, Devendra Fadnavis.

a home Ministry official who I grew suspicious reported to Mumbai Police, who Then Bawar questioned.

the police also I knew his name wasn’t on The list of Security Minister of the Interior team.

Pawar was arrested. Sent to police custody for Five days.

Mr. Shah visited Mumbai for The first After the time he became Eknath Shinde Maharashtra Chief Minister on July 30 after the split in Chef Sina.

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