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Secret Delhi: Amid Bihar Drama, Will Hrivanch step down as Vice President of Rajya Sabha?

Is it , won’The: With JD (U) Nitish Kumar cut ties with BJP Walking out of NDA, there is a question mark on Continuation of Harivansh as Vice President of Rajya Sabha. Hrivansh is the deputy of JD (U). So, he will do step down or contact in for him post And do Somnath Chatterjee on for him party? Chatterjee refused it step down As the spokesperson for Lok Sabha in 2008 after the withdrawal of the CPM and the left block outside support to UPA-I government. CPM, of Chatterjee, who was an MP, asked him to resign but was not obligated to say as president that he does not represent any politician. party in unloading of His duties and tasks and to be elected to the Supreme Council office It was unanimous that all political parties suggested his name. The CPM expelled him days later.

keep track: Federal Minister of Health Dr. Mansukh Mandavia attends his meetings of senior Mostly officers on Monday or Tuesday. At the weekly meeting in times continue for over three hoursa range of Discussed topics with Precise work points and timetables set. Mandaviya has now introduced a control panel called “Epitome” through which he monitors progress and timetables in real time.

Curriculum call: In April, section of Reached school education and literacy out to me various ministries search for input on Ongoing exercise to review the country’s curriculum. Now, the range of Consultations are further expanded, with suggestions also Being searched by the Election Commission of India, Defense Research and Development Organization and Indian Council of Agricultural research, among others. The Ministry of Education held a meeting on Tuesday on this is issue with representatives of these organizations.

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