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scary moment car and the Yardley access road flooded in flame in hatred for arson campaign’

These are the horrifying scenes after the arsonists attacked Birmingham families car on them drive – with the spread of a huge flame out in street. And the victims claim that the chilling incident is part of of four-year hate campaign against them.

shocking video shows moments after car burst into flames on road of Yardley home how parents and their two teenage children slept upstairs. However, the father claims that the police closed the arson case a few days later, claiming they no longer have the lines. of investigation.

First they told family they put critical risk marker on their address and called them call 999 if they felt in danger. West Midlands Police also proposed move in family to the hotel for a day or so until they found alternative housing while police investigated arson and a separate charge of stalking.

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dad, who asked not to be named for fear of further repression, claims family was the target of hatred campaign since 2018, when the next car was set blazing on their entrance. family later moved.

He claims that “incendiary device’ was used for start in latest ferocious fire on May 2. Meanwhile he says fake food supplies also Existence made to their home – latest for £90 of food.

latest car fire took place in early hours. The father said: “We were awakened up in the same instance that we woke up up about four years ago, apparently of our car in flame.

“Obviously, this is not a coincidence, as we are clearly being persecuted. Luckily the neighbors called fire brigade, so fire was delivered out before it turned into a fire down our house.”

effects of arson attack on car

Father considers “incendiary device’ was thrown in car. He said, “It was thrown towards the car, setting both the road and our drive also on fire. At that time, me, my wife and my children slept, so you can imagine the shock and rage you experienced us.

“The damage done car was extremely broad and also health hazard so it had to be removed from our drive the next day. fire also left big crack in one of our ground floor windows and part of in house brickwork and fencing were also left damaged.”

Police took statements from family and a desperate dad later got a videotape from a neighbor of a car passing shortly before and after attack. Is not show registration plate.

However, cops later sent an initial email to family saying the footage was not key proof. The letter said: “Thank you for Your footage that I have reviewed. I understand that you are trying very hard hard find a person responsible as well as of of course, this is quite understandable.

scary moment car and the Yardley access road flooded in flame in hatred for arson campaign’
Previous arson attack on family car in 2018.

“As far as further requests from CCTV cameras, ANPR checks, etc., we would not do this if it were not really show crime because we couldn’t prove what is this in fact same vehicle that committed a crime. If you know of any CCTV cameras that actually capture the offense location we will definitely make those requests.

“The footage you sent me will not be useful in terms of evidence. of view like me sure you can rate.

“We placed critical risk marker on your address. I have also informed his area team in in event what they can offer you some support from them side. I’m sorry that I can’t be of more help you at this time.”

The initial response angered the father. He said, “The police know that crime repeated and I feel like they are still cleaning it up side. There are lives that are put on risk and previous fire could lead with fatal results if it hadn’t been decided as quickly as it was.”

car and driveway in flame

AT terms of guilty, he said: “I have suspicions, but due to lack of evidence, the police issued a decision out possibility of researching it. We are gone out of our way and tried to find security footage, and we have found some “tips” if you like like to call that, and we’re not even professionals.

“What brings me back to the point that the police have power to help us and stop that sick one time and for all. My only question is why they don’t help us and why do we do our job?

“The police can check surveillance around area and possibly ANPR cameras. This incident is life-threatening just me and my family but potentially to my neighbors and people who walk past our house on in main Road.”

After BirminghamLive contacted the West Midlands Police, they released a statement explaining what they were doing to help in family. It said: “We are investigating after receiving the report earlier this month. of the woman became a victim of persecution and harassment.

“We fully understand how disappointing and offered move she and others family members, for alternative housing, while we progress whox queries responsible. We are constantly monitoring area as part of our patrols strategy.

“We were also warned about family member car was recently damaged in suspicion of arson attack. We are looking into whether they are related.”

Statement added: “Although out extensive checks in in area we were unable to identify any clear CCTV showing a crime or forensics capabilities that would allow us positively identify anyone involved. Thanks to the high level of demand for service we must be proportionate with investigations, but we will always strive to act on any fresh information we get.

“We also aware of previous incidents of arson and criminal damage while living in alternative housing four years ago and will also Look for any potential connection.”


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