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Saudi Ministry of Interior: Completed devolution of pilgrims to Mina

The Saudi Ministry of Interior announced today, Sunday, the completion of the grouping of pilgrims to Mina, explaining that pilgrims will be transported by bus between the sites in accordance with health protocols.

In turn, the Ministry of Hajj confirmed that crowd management in Mina It is proceeding according to the approved plans and procedures.

In conjunction, the Saudi Ministry of Health stated that it has not detected any infection with the Corona virus among pilgrims so far.

The ministry explained that specialized teams have been equipped field ambulance to provide services to pilgrims, stressing that it has highly efficient procedures and precautions to protect pilgrims health.

She also confirmed that the monitoring and follow-up procedures for Corona injuries will continue until the end of the pilgrimage.

(The Director of Public Security and Head of the Hajj Security Committee, Lieutenant General Khaled bin Qaraar Al-Harbi, confirmed that only those who have received immunizations against the Corona virus will be authorized to perform Hajj. Muslim who attended in 2019. The participants were selected from among 558,000 applicants according to an electronic audit system.

The Saudi authorities are seeking to repeat the success of last year, which was characterized by great organization and full commitment to Pandemic preventive measures.

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