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Saudi Arabia: Australia's move against Hezbollah enhances security and peace

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed the Saudi government’s welcome to the Australian government’s announcement of its intention to designate Hezbollah, with its political and military wings, as a terrorist organization in Australia. The step in strengthening international peace and security, urging the international community to take a similar stance to confront terrorism and terrorist groups around the world.

An important step forward

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also welcomed The United States announced Australia’s intention to designate Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, considering that “ending the separation between Hezbollah’s military wing and the rest of the terrorist organization is an important step forward.” international law and undermine the sovereignty of the Lebanese state,” noting that “the organization’s military and terrorist capabilities, its propaganda machine, and its corrupt financial networks are major obstacles to peace and stability in Lebanon, the Middle East, and the world.”

also considered that “the procedure is a step It is important towards countering Hezbollah’s ability to operate in Australia and abroad.”

Designating Hezbollah as a terrorist with its wings

On Wednesday, Australia announced the designation of Hezbollah with its military wings and political "terrorist organisation". And under the decision, it is prohibited in Australia, where a large Lebanese community lives, to belong to or finance Hezbollah. and constitutes a "real" and "credible" threat to Australia.

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